STEMng Digest: Week 7

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Welcome to yet another edition of STEMng digest on the hive blockchain. This is a publication where we bring to you the top stem-related content published by Nigerian authors on the hive blockchain. STEMng in itself is a sub-community of stemocial, a community that is dedicated to curating and supporting stem-related content on the hive blockchain. If our mathematics will not be too rusty, this is our 7th edition of this weekly series.

A total of thirteen (14) articles were posted by ten (11) unique authors this past week. While the total number of published and supported articles significantly exceeded that of the previous week (from 9 to 13), the number of unique authors more than doubled from five (5) to ten (11). All the key performance indices were positive for this previous week. Hopefully, either this becomes sustainable or improved for future editions.

Below is the list of all the nine articles published by Nigerian authors in this last week. Feel free to throw these authors some supports which could be in terms of upvotes, comments, reblogs, tips, or even sharing on other social media.

SnAuthors of articlesTitle of articles
1@emperorhassyPhysical Electronics: The Simple Amplifier
2@gentleshaidCarica papaya and sexual dimorphism
3@gotomarketA story about my wonderful Air conditioner experience
4@loveforloveEnzyme and Metabolism: Their factors, Uses and How They Help Babies Digest Cow's Milk.
5@hadjiPaternity tests, maternity tests, and the vanishing twin
6@mengenePlants that save lives - Deadly Nightshade & Sweet Wormwood Plant
7@steepupCatalyst specificity; the force converting climate killer to useful product (pt 1)
8@emperessteemahThe chemistry of halogen and electrolysis: The Reactions Of Chlorine With Compounds.
9@emperorhassyPhysical Electronics: Non Inverting Amplifier, Voltage Follower, Comparator and Radio Perception.
10@oluwoleolaideMy Research: First waste-to-energy plant in Africa
11@gentleshaidHyperovulation and the genetics of twins
12@menoskiHow I Created This Awesome Animated StemSocial GIF For The Community
13@tomleePetroleum Production: Oil Well Problems
14@mengeneBlack Holes: A Galactic Feature Science Is Still Yet To Understand!!!

Top pick for the week

While all forms of stem-related contents are supported by the stemsocial community as long as they are scientifically accurate, original, with copyright-free images, authors are also encouraged to infuse a bit of creativity in their contents as this will not only fetch them more supports but fans.

After a bit of headache from deciding the pick for this week due to several good posts, we eventually settled for this article posted by @hadji, Paternity tests, maternity tests, and the vanishing twin.

The subject of paternity fraud is a sensitive one to discuss in Nigeria, a country that boasts of up 63% infidelity rate in their women according to the research carried out by one of the largest condom manufacturing companies, Durex. How do paternity and maternity tests relate? Have you ever imagine that a woman can carry a baby that does not share her DNA (and not a surrogacy)? Well, go ahead and give our top pick for this week a read. It is going to worth your time.

You will all agree with us that that makes for an interesting beginning.

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Till next week, hive on!

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You are really doing a great work @stemng management. I sincerely commend you. More power to your elbow. The post of the week truly deserves to be picked. It's a very good read with loads of information. Omo ale plenty for naija oh. Lolzzz. If you know you know. 😂

Swears bro! Scammers everywhere. God dey Sha. It was truly worth picking

Indeed. Thanks for the compliment

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More Grace to the ain't easy compiling all these week after week.
Kudos to you @gentleshaid

Thanks @cyprianj

WOW!!. i am so happy to see this. thanks for including my posts. means a lot. you guys are doing very well. And i commend this very initiative of yours. Keep it up and see Nigerian authors blossom guys!

Keep turning out good posts as well. Without you guys, there is no us.

Most definitely. Cheers!