STEMng Digest: Week 58

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A good day to all the curators, creators, developers, and every other stakeholder of the hive community. Welcome to another week and another edition of our weekly publication where we showcase the best of Nigerian authors in the stem field on the hive blockchain. Also, let me congratulate all hivers on the recent bull run and climbing of hive back to the top 100 in the crypto market.

STEMng is a sub-community of the stemsocial community, a community that is dedicated to supporting stem authors on the hive blockchain.

Basically, our curators comb through the blockchain for stem-related content published by Nigerians that fulfill the curation criteria of the stemsocial community. Such posts are then submitted in the curation channel of the stemsocial community on discord for upvotes. The following articles are the picks for this week's STEMng digest:

1.@saintgentle: The Influence of Mother-Tongue in Learning Science and Technology

Virtually everyone with education in Nigeria was thought in English - the language of the country's colonial master. This is not so in several countries in which subjects are taught in mother's tongues. What difference do you think it would make being taught in one's mother's tongue instead of some foreign languages? The author took a dive into this topic and it makes for an interesting read.

2.@noble-noah: Evolution of Digital Scamming

The scamming industry has undergone a massive revolution since we entered the digital age. More so the keeping up as the digital world keeps evolving. If you wish to know how digital scamming has evolved with technology, read the piece that was written on it by the author.

3.@clinton19: Communication: The Technological Journey So Far

The technology that is communication is probably one of the technologies that have undergone massive revolutions in recent years. In this post, the author took us down memory lane where he analyzed how communication technology has evolved with time. Head over and give it a read. Do not forget to support the author in the process.

4.@kethel: Expectations Following an Injection of RhoGAM

Many women have lost pregnancies due to rhesus factor-related issues. It is an important subject that every aspiring father and mother should be conversant with. The rhogam injection is used to resolve rhesus conflict issues and the expectations preceding the injection are what the author discussed in detail.


Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) comes with unending concerns over one's body. It can really be unhealthy and something that may require medical attention in extreme cases. What exactly is this disorder? Go on a journey with the author.

6.@ebingo: What a sad place to be (Pediatric Haematoncology)

Here is a medical story based on real-life experiences. The author continued an exposition on his journey through the different units in the hospital where he is currently interning. This time, the unit is pediatric hematology and the stories are a saddening one.

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