STEMng Digest: Week 57

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A good day to all the curators, creators, developers, and every other stakeholder of the hive community. Welcome to another week and another edition of our weekly publication where we showcase the best of Nigerian authors in the stem field on the hive blockchain

STEMng is a sub-community of the stemsocial community, a community that is dedicated to supporting stem authors on the hive blockchain.

Basically, our curators comb through the blockchain for stem-related content published by Nigerians that fulfill the curation criteria of the stemsocial community. Such posts are then submitted in the curation channel of the stemsocial community on discord for upvotes. The following articles are the picks for this week's STEMng digest:

1.@ablegod: Three common eye defects among students

It is quite common to see students and non-students wearing glasses. While some of the glasses are worn purely for fashion, many are worn by medical recommendations as a result of varying eye defects. In the post, the author discussed the 3 most common eye defects in students and it makes for a good read.

2.@bhoa: World Diabetes day; Things you should know about diabetes

The world's diabetes day deserves dedicated posts that will educate us all about the abnormality and this is exactly what the author of this post did. The 16 minute video contains virtually all the important information about diabetes that a layman needs to know.

3.@jsalvage: Aortic valve regurgitation, a condition in which the aortic valve fails to close properly.

Aortic valve regurgitation is a medical condition that has to do with blow flow abnormality from the heart to the rest of the body. It is a progressive abnormality and might not be detected early. The author included the salient points that should be known about the medical condition. An educative post.

4.@clinton19: Computing : The Technological Journey So Far

Computing technology has evolved significantly with time. In this post, the author took us back in time before taking us to the present as far as how computing evolved with time is concerned. This is what happens when history meets technology.

5.@gentleshaid: Going herbal with skin disorders in babies

Many people in the developing world still lack access to conventional drugs either due to their locations or not being able to afford the cost of these drugs. Skin infections in babies are one of the most common issues that require drugs and many people have found alternatives in herbs to solve their problems. The post discussed the various herbs that are being used in this regard.

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