STEMng Digest: Week 46



Greetings to the Hive community and welcome to another edition of the STEMng digest. a weekly publication where we celebrate the Nigerian authors in the stem field that are making waves on the hive blockchain.

STEMng is a sub-community of the stemsocial community, a community that is dedicated to supporting stem authors on the hive blockchain.

Basically, our curators comb through the blockchain for stem-related content published by Nigerians that fulfill the curation criteria of the stemsocial community. Such posts are then submitted in the curation channel of the stemsocial community on discord for upvotes. The following articles are the picks for this week's STEMng digest:

1.@topdollar001: Scoliosis

You might not have heard of scoliosis before now but you are almost certain to have seen the abnormality in real life. The disease which is usually characterized by the sideway curving of the spinal cord is relatively common in Nigeria. The author discussed the disease from the point of view of an index case he had at work. A good read.

2.@ebingo: My second Call week in Paediatric surgery

An interesting medical series from the author based on his posting to different units of a hospital in Nigeria. If you love reading about real medical narrations/stories, @ebingo's blog is one of the places to be.


A video about the unboxing of a newly bought Anker speaker. If you need a little review of the product, you should watch the video.

4.@kethel: Let's Talk About The Black Hairy Tongue

Perhaps you have seen someone with black tongue? It is a harmless medical condition that might loosen off on its own without any drug. You can read more about this condition by hopping into the post above.

5.@jsalvage: Today, I'm going to talk about what you need to eat as you grow older

Every living organism must continue to feed as long as they are living. However, if one wishes to stay medically fit as they grow older, they must watch what they put into their bellies. So, what are the foods you need to consume as you grow older? Give the post a read.

6.@noble-noah: Sleep and Sex, Big Belly and Alcohol Drinks: Any relationship?

I do not think many sexually active people will disagree that sex enhances sleep, although the same might not be said as far as the effects that beer has on the stomach. More about the topic from the author.

7.@bhoa: The silent stealer of vision; A review of the commonest cause of irreversible blindness

Here, the author discoursed one of the ways humans get to lost their visions - Glaucoma. A very interesting and educating piece.

Top pick for the week

Our top pick for this week is the medical narration by @ebingo: My second Call week in Paediatric surgery

The author discussed some of the medical cases he encountered while in pediatric surgery unit in quite an interesting way. Congratulations to him.

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