STEMng Digest: Week 22

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Welcome to a new edition of the STEMng Digest after weeks of taking a break as a result of the lack of activities from Nigerian STEM authors on the hive blockchain. With the gradual return of the bull market, activities from authors havve started picking up and a few new authors seem to be joining the stemfold. Today's edition makes it the 21st edition of the publication since the migration from the old blockchain to the new hive chain.

For those that might be wondering what STEMng is all about, below is a piece of information for you:

STEMng Digest is a publication where we showcase the works of Nigerian content creators in the field of STEMs on the hive blockchain. We curate various articles, videos, etc. published by Nigerians and supported by the stemsocial community account. We are a sub-community of the stemsocial community, a community that has been supporting stem authors on the hive blockchain for about four years now.

The following articles are the picks for this week's STEMng digest:



    Many newly married couple finds it a bit challenging to conceive immmediately after wedding. Special attention needs to be paid to the body's biological system in order to maximize the probability of conceiving. The author wrote about the precautions to be observed in order to increase the chances of getting it right.

  2. @aboogeeky: What is CRISPR


    Molecular biology students and enthusiasts in general would find this article by a new entrant interesting. The author explained crispr as simplified as possible using a computer based analogy.

  3. @hadji: Infant colic pain


    Those who have tendered to neonates would know the various challenges associated with it. Here, the author wrote about the gripping pain that many newborns experience which often makes them appear to be crying unnecessrily if one is not observant to their plight.

  4. @jsalvage: Drugs and it's advancement


    There is no doubt that drug is important to human existence. The author wrote about the discovery of drugs and how mankind was able to cope before the discovery. He went further to talk about how some disease causing organisms have devised a way to render some specific drugs neutral.

Top pick for the week

Our top pick for this edition is the post by @hadji; Infant colic pain. The author explained some background information relating to the topic in a personalized way before delving into what the problem is about and providing potential solution at the end.

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