STEMng Digest: No amount of education can remove bigotry

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Anyone that has been following political discussion on social media will have known for a fact, that being educated does not mean that one will be free from bigotry. The Oxford Language Dictionary defines bigotry as:

obstinate or unreasonable attachment to a belief, opinion, or faction; in particular, prejudice against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

I use to think that it is only politicians that use bigotry when it suits them, but the current atmosphere in our country has shown otherwise. Even followers are not free from using religion, ethnicity, and social class to score cheap political points for their preferred candidates.

I have seen the vilest of bigotry from a professor and the most objective of political analyses from someone who does not even have a bachelor's degree. This means that bigotry has nothing to do with education. We need to do better as citizens.

Welcome to a new edition of STEMng Digest.

Who are we?

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Below are the posts that made it into our digest for this week:

  1. @eni-ola: Another Child Born With a Heart Defect || Acyanotic Congenital Heart Disease

Blue or cyan-coloured babies are easily diagnosed as having congenital heart diseases. However, congenital heart diseases can be much more than just turning babies blue. Read this post more to understand acyanotic congenital heart diseases.

2.@clinton19: Is Levitation Possible ?

Back in those days, seeing someone or something heavy floating in the air without being held in place by any visible force is considered a magic. With more advancement in physical science, many now understand that it is quite possible based on the condition that some forces that are not visible to the ordinary eyes act on the object. Read the post more to understand levitation.

3.@ebingo: Finance and Depression (A twitter response post)

The word 'deperession' has become something that is thrown around loosely by modern-day youths, especially on social media. Many are quick to relate depression to their financial status. Is there really a relationship between finance and depression? Read the point of view of the author as he writes in response to some social media posts.

4.@bhoa: WHen it comes to your health, listen to your doctors and not your pastor.)

I may not be able to say about other regions of the world, Africans are kind of obsessed with religion. So much so, to the extent that many will rather take their health-related issues to their religious leaders for miracles rather than go to certified hospitals. Here is a rather story of a young lady that is dying from a kidney-related abnormality.

5.@saintgentle: Monitoring antibiotics contamination of water bodies in my environment: The role of solid phase extraction

Rounding off for this week is a post that involves a scientific investigation into antibiotic contamination of water bodies in the environment. The author discussed what the aims of the investigation are and how he intends to achieve these aims vis a vis, the methodology.

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