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The crypto market has been seeing red for some time now and the usual thing for content creators on Hive, being a crypto-based blogging platform, is to go awol and find a more profitable venture. However, as a veteran who has stayed true to the platform even in the reddest of days, I will say that the bear period is the best time to accumulate, and how else can someone who does not have fiats to invest accumulate Hive if not by creating content? I genuinely hope we all got the memo.

Welcome to a new edition of our weekly digest.

Who are we?

STEMng is the Nigerian sub-community of the stemsocial community, a community that has been supporting stem authors on the hive blockchain for about four years now. While stemsocial focuses on everyone irrespective of their country, STEMng is specifically for Nigerians. The best stem contents published by Nigerians on the Hive blockchain are highlighted weekly.

Below are the posts that made it into our digest for this week:

  1. @bhoa: Menstrual Cramps: What really causes Menstrual pain

Unless you are a teenager who is yet to reach puberty age, everyone should familiar with the concept of menstrual pain in females. Being familiar with this feminine phenomenon, however, is not the same as knowing the biology behind the pain. We all know that the pain threshold varies from individual to individual but may never know why this is so. In this post, the author enlightened us all about some of the things we might not know about menstrual pain before now. A good read.

2.@dr-mec: Why we should consider consuming cockroaches

If you come from a certain part of Nigeria, eating coackroches might not be totally strange or new to you. The majority of humans, however, will find it weird eating those seemingly ugly and annoying arthropod. Interestingly, they offer a lot of nutritional benefits to their consumers as highlighted in this post. They even go as far as producing milk for the benefit of mankind. Ever heard of cockroach farms?

3.@ebingo: Depression, we all feel it, not all of us get through it.


Depression is a subject that hardly get discussed in developing countries like Nigeria. It would not be surprising to see that a large percentage of our population is exhibiting symptoms compatible with depression, especially when the socioeconomic situation of the country is considered. In this post, our medical doctor took us through the subject in a well-presented manner and highlights the possible causes as well as the symptoms associated with depression. A recommended read for everyone.

4.@cyprianj: Taking a glance into the r and K Survival Strategy theory by living creatures

All living organisms are in a constant race to survive, However, survival tactics vary from species to species and individual to individual. Here is a well-written post detailing some of the survival strategies employed by living organisms to ensure that they survive and leave surviving progenies as well. The interesting cases of some specific organisms were looked at. It makes for a very interesting read.

5.@hdigitals: The MIRACLE SOURSOP

A post about a popular (or not so popular) fruit in the tropical ecosystem by a new relatively new user on Hive and a new entrant into our weekly digest. Soursop, scientifically known as Annona muricata has a lot of nutritional benefits and can be made into different kinds of drinks. If you are wondering what this is all about, click the link above and have a go at it.

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Sighting the soursop post, got me craving for it. Finally got some.... sorry no invitation to anyone 😅 Dovoured it with little mercy.
Love the fruit or vegetable, Don't really know where to classify it.

What is actually the difference between fruits and vegetables? I think a thin line exists

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