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RE: Epidemics Past and Present: Polio and COVID-19

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@agmoore, such a good write up on pandemic . Seriously,i didn't know that Adults could suffer from polio. I have only know that its affect when one is below 5yrs thereabout. Also, i knew that Franklin Roosevelt was paralized but never knew that it was polio. Seriously, social distancing and wearing of nose mask has become what we will have to live with now as a result of covid-19. Anyway, government all over the world are doing their best to curtail the spread.
This is a nice writeup.


Thank you so much for that nice comment. I learned a lot myself in writing this. That's the best part of doing a research article...always an adventure for me (maybe because I don't know a lot 😃) The other part that's satisfying is sharing valuable information. I think it's really important that people understand adults can spread polio.
When I get a comment like yours it makes writing and researching very rewarding. Have a wonderful, healthy day.