The 2020 STEMsocial roadmap

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Greetings from one of the oldest curation projects on the blockchain!

In this post, we are going to dive into the roadmap for STEMsocial over the next year, should we get enough support from you, the community, to make it all possible.

Please see the original Decentralized Hive Fund proposal for an overview of the funding details and goals, including our plans to transform STEM communication through social media.

Q2 2020 (Apr 1 - Jun 30) details

About the stem.openhive app: We have identified several items with a crucial priority concerning the development of the app. Our development team being currently limited to two people, we cannot tackle too many items simultaneously, much as we may try. In the next three months, we decided to focus on the following items:

  • The content management has to be migrated from the old #steemstem tag to our community tag #hive-196387. This requires the modification of the post creation method and the way the blockchain is browsed to get the displayed content. This is now partly done.
  • Together with the above item, we will also include more friendly tags and friendly communities.
  • When posts are created on our app, they are not very readable on other frontends like PeakD or unless the user does a lot of inconvenient manipulations. This is related to the editor (summerlite) that we use. We plan to develop our own post editor.
  • Many parts of the app are still Steem-related. This will be fixed and we will start discussing the global design of the app. The community will be involved in those discussions.

About curation: Our team of curators will continue our curation activities, looking for high-quality STEM content on Hive, as we have consistently and constantly done for more than 3 years! In addition:

  • We will look for extra supporters (delegators, trailers) to make to STEMsocial support a little bit stronger.
  • We will reactivate the curation reward sharing programme that had been switched off when moving from Steem to Hive. (This is in actually done for a few days.)

About the project itself: Onboarding and attracting top-notch STEM users is high on our priority list, but this requires a reasonable enough app. We are not there yet. In the meantime, we can set things in place to be ready at the right moment.

  • We will setup a detailed business plan containing various avenues for being sustainable money-wise.
  • We will work out on a list of people/institutes to contact in the aim at bringing them to Hive (via STEMsocial).
  • We will communicate with a list of STEM-related companies and charities that may be interested in mutual support if advertised on the app.

Q3 + Q4 2020 (Jul 1 - Dec 31) details

Our plans for the second half of the year are already more or less settled, but their exact splitting into Q3 and Q4 plans is unclear as of yet. This will strongly depend on the progress on the app development, as the second half of 2020 will be dedicated to tackling one of the major weaknesses of our app.

About the stem.openhive app: A crucial issue with the app relies on its core framework based on Meteor, Blaze and client-side rendering (a choice made by the original developers). This makes it hard to get any good SEO ranking. This major weakness needs to be fixed before starting to heavily contact users, sponsors, etc. We plan to investigate the following options:

  • Trying Blaze-compatible server-side rendering packages (meteor-ssr, fast-render, etc.)
  • Getting rid of the hasbangs at the same time.
  • Trading Blaze for Vue.

The latter option will always work, but take much more time. This is the reason why it is hard to plan any further development more precisely. In parallel, we will entirely redesign the app and make it mobile-friendly, and embed all existing hive sign-up methods. Our MVP will then be ready.

About the project itself: With the app new routing being implemented, on-boarding and extending will become in order. We will go through the lists established during Q2 2020 and contact people and companies.

STEMsocial as a value for Hive?

Do you think we can bring value to Hive? If yes, you can support our vision by voting for our proposal. Moreover, do not hesitate to reach out to us on Discord, the Hive Chat or simply by commenting on this post.

You can vote for this proposal through

You can also show your support by approving our witness, @stem.witness, or delegating to the @steemstem account.

PS: This article has been formatted for the front-end. Please see here for a better reading.


I read your comment and reached here... I think it's a really cool idea to have a MVP before reaching the end users and start onboarding them.

But actually, I think that it would be awesome to start raising awareness about this project before hand between it's targeted audience... For instance in my collage there are lots of computer science students who forms groups to develop software just because they like it. For instance you could break down some of the tasks needed in small projects and reach some of those groups and sponsor a competition within the collage to get the best product from the students there... It would be great to do some nice branding of hive and get solutions to the lack of time and limited human resources you guys have.

But actually, I think that it would be awesome to start raising awareness about this project before hand between it's targeted audience...

This is actually already on-going. We are trying to reach out potential users on Facebook and Twitter, trying to bring good STEM authors here.

Concerning delegating tasks, the major problem is that this would mean spending time for free. I don't know many devs happy to do so. However, any help is welcome, especially when (if) we will move to Vue.

Thanks again for your nice suggestions!

But I have not to be like a free offer, you can sell the business model to the developers and offer them a proportional share according to their contribution for a certain time window... Of course, most people don't do things for free, that's why I suggested to hosting a competition within some collages to offer one prize for the winners who manage to deliver the best products (way more cheaper than hiring actual pros and maybe a more efficient way to advertise the project and the platform as a whole)

I am not so open to competitions, for the simple reason that we organised a few during Steem times, years ago. The outcome was really, not so great :/

An indeed incredible and awesome plan ahead. I can't love this community less. Indeed has been great been part of this community...will do utmost best in anyway I can.
I really wish to give kudos to all that have made it possible thus far...I Know it has not really been easy yet you all give your all to ensure that this community thrives. It is indeed highly commendable... Hopefully all the plans here will come to fulfilment with huge support.
More Grace to you all...i am with stemsocial all the way

Thanks a lot for your nice words and your support! It is appreciated!

I give kudos to the devs of the steemstem app for the awesome job done so far in the face of limited funding. Thanks for updating the road map and I hope we get enough support for the proposal so as to be able to achieve the set out objectives.

Thanks for your words. I am more and more pessimistic about this going through, for the funding but at least we have made the plans clear for us :)


@lemouth you do a great job of keeping this project alive and as long as we exist, we'll do our best to keep it going... I'm sure there will be better times ahead for STEMsocial

Haha, I say the same thing for a long time ;)

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Reblogged for extra visibility.
Thanks for still being here.

Thanks @pangoli! Any plans in writing STEM posts again?

Yes. I plan on returning as soon as I get a few things sorted out.
I am focused on learning a high-end skill so i can secure a good income. Then, i can focus on my blogging again.

I am looking forward to see this :)