STEMsocial Distilled - The first edition of 2022

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Our beloved, polluted and unique spacecraft, planet Earth, undauntedly completes another orbital period in its long astronomical history. But this fact does not pass unnoticed for most of the cultures constituted by its dominant species, who learned to make of this fact a festivity and a reason to rejoice. Yes, homo sapiens/homo demens (because we must not forget that irrationality also defines us) is happy to keep track of its chronology, and by convention we call this new orbital period "year 2022". This is to say, we wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

For all of us who make life at STEMSocial this also rejoices us to a greater or lesser extent, and not just because we expect some of our geeks to marvel at the mathematical properties of the number 2022. It means in part that circumstantial events, from the intrepid fluctuations of the Hive token to the COVID-19 pandemic, do not demotivate us to keep working. On the contrary, we witness a boom of interesting publications to learn more about the unfortunate disease.

The start of a new year means that we remain successfully active in our cause to disseminate knowledge at the highest level, especially through technologies such as blockchain, which we believe have the potential to revolutionize or reshape practices related to the production, dissemination and application of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and beyond.

And proof of our successful activity is the number of publications we have had in these dates, from which we choose some especially for this first 2022 edition of STEMSocial distilled, this time written by @eniolw.

This edition covers posts published in the period between 2022-1-1 and 2022-1-7. The criteria used for this selection have already been outlined in a previous distilled, which in a nutshell includes that they have been curated by STEMSocial, possess organic comments and their authors have not been awarded in recent editions of this report.

We recommend that you take a look at this selection and show your appreciation to the creators of this fantastic content.

Our top choices


From the outset, a post quite discussed and proof of this are the at least 14 comments it had, oscillating around an account of a medical case that has to do with safe sex. The doctor makes us reflect that sex, besides being part of our nature, can lead to health problems for some practitioners and we are not talking about sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancy, but about uncomfortable and even dangerous genital lacerations. We recommend you to read this post told with a lot of professionalism.

Research diaries #4: The beauty of chaos

Next, with 8 comments, a post on mathematics, especially on a branch known as chaos theory. In it, its mathematician author tells us about a simple system that nevertheless can exhibit highly chaotic behavior as time goes by, explaining its causes and suggesting the aesthetic side of that concept. Some say that beauty should be a sine qua non criterion for a mathematical theory to be valid and posts like this one make us think more about it. Do you think the same?

What Really Is A Vacuum ?

For its part, we have a post on physics. We often see that physicists think in terms that go beyond the intuition we derive from everyday experience and for this occasion, the object that concerns them ironically does not seem to have much content: the vacuum. The author educates us about ancient and modern conceptions of the vacuum as well as from the angle of two theories that are as important as they are inconsistent with each other. So, what will be the ultimate definition of a vacuum. Read the post and conclude for yourself.

The refractive power of our natural lenses_Part V (Presbyopia)

Continuing with the physics posts, we highlight one that unravels the physical mysteries of the interaction of light with our eyes, where the intrinsic phenomenon is refraction. Despite the good understanding of this process, we never cease to be captivated by its peculiarities that have allowed us to develop technologies to emulate them. We invite you to read this post, full of photos of small experiments that even use a classic Baldor book and enriches us with many interesting facts.

Fisher-Tropsch process for the production of clean fuels

We close with a post on chemistry. We said that the earth was, for the moment, our only real spaceship and it is quite polluted. The good thing is that many enthusiastic chemists and researchers have thought of many solutions to that pollution, either directly or directly, such as the Fischer-Tropsch process. In this didactic and well documented post there is an explanation of the chemical background of this process. It is in our interest that these engineering proposals are consolidated and fulfill their task, so learning about it is recommended.

All rewards earned on the distilled posts are used to fund the STEMsocial project functioning and activities. The author of the distilled, who may be any STEMsocial member depending on the week, gets 30% of the rewards of this post). If you like what we do, please consider joining our community on HIVE and delegating to the @stemsocial account (85% of the curation rewards are returned), or trailing it.

Thanks a lot to all STEMsocial authors of the week for their very nice contributions to our community. For those who do not know what STEMsocial is, please take a look here, or pass by Discord or the Openhive Chat.

See you next time!


Excellent articles, we certainly have excellent writers within the community.

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