STEMsocial Distilled - Bye bye 2021!

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2022 will begin in a few hours, and @lemouth is the driver today for this last edition of the year of the STEMsocial distilled. It is shared it a little bit earlier than usual, to make sure anyone could have enough time to have a look at the five featured posts before getting too much involved with the new year celebrations. OK, that is maybe not true if you live in East Asia or Australia... In this case, happy 2022 and please consider having a look at these posts on January 1st.

Before digging into the five selected posts, thanks a lot to all STEMsocial authors of the week for their very nice contributions to our community. For those who do not know what STEMsocial is, please take a look here, or pass by Discord or the Openhive Chat.

This new year edition focuses on the blogs posted in the period ranging from 25.12 to 31.12 and that have been supported the most by STEMsocial. For the distilled selection, we rank these posts according to the number of comments (excluding the comments written by bots or scripts, and those of the post author). Moreover, to ensure some rotation among the featured authors, a single author cannot appear more than once in the last three distilled (including the present one). This new rule follows from a discussion with @eniolw (who may be the author of one of the next editions by the way).

We encourage everyone to have a look and support in any form (comments, upvotes, follows, etc.) to any of the selected articles.

Our top choices

The times I made mistakes as a doctor.

With 9 comments, the top post of the week is a very personal one, written by @ebingo. We are all humans, so that making mistakes is inherent to our nature. However, as a medical doctor, mistakes can have severe consequences. The post focuses on two stories involving the author and in which mistakes have been made at the hospital. It is important to learn the lessons, to avoid repetition (at least as much as possible).

Blood group O is not a universal Donor; why?

A bit further behind lies a very intereting post of @cyprianj about blood groups. With 7 comments this post is ranked second this week. It describes the various existing blood groups and debunk the myth f people with an O- blood group being universal donnors. There are indeed exceptions. To learn more about them, we should either go to Bombay, or read the post.

What are abyssal animals

Also with 7 comments, we find a very colourful post by @oscurity. This post, that is bilingual (English + Spanish) provide a lot of information and many excellent pictures about animals living far below sea level in the abyss. Those species have developed specific skills to survive extreme conditions, sometimes very surprising ones that cannot be really expected.

Which do you prefer? A PC or mobile device

Next in line with 3 comments is a post written by @jsalvage that comprehensively discusses a choice that we all may need to make one day: should we buy either a personal computer or a mobile device (assuming that a choice has to be made). Both options have pros and cons and the choice is often not that clear. The post provides a few important facts that may help.

An insight on Aiden fruit and its medicinal value

Also with 3 comments, we end the selection of this week with a blog written by @hillaryisidore. The subject of this post concerns a fruit called "Aiden fruit" and that is typical from West Africa. This fruit has a lot of very interesting properties, not only related to nutrition but also to medicine. It also appears that it taste like honey.

All rewards earned on the distilled posts are used to fund the STEMsocial project functioning and activities. The author of the distilled, who may be any STEMsocial member depending on the week, gets 30% of the rewards of this post). If you like what we do, please consider joining our community on HIVE and delegating to the @stemsocial account (85% of the curation rewards are returned), or trailing it.

We wish you all a happy new year and the best for 2022!


Kudos to all the selected authors. Let's make 2022 even better for the STEMsocial community with quality posts and engagements.

It will be!!


Good recommendation. I'm going over it now!

This new rule follows from a discussion with @eniolw (who may be the author of one of the next editions by the way).

I'm happy to help!
Happy New Year 2022!! (according to the Gregorian calendar that we adopted worldwide a few centuries ago!)

I will reach you out on Discord later today/tonight.


The question would be? ... What would my post be without steemsocial, who would appreciate science as you do it ??? the selected posts are too interesting and as always you learn something new! They do a great job in this community, and I commend them from curators to delegates for appreciating science! a happy year 2021 and a great 2022

Thanks for passing by and your nice message!

As is always the case for me, Distilled is a great index of recent outstanding Stem articles. Just read one and will catch up on the others later tonight. Thank you for publishing this last of 2021 issue. Good riddance to 2021. One of the few good things about that year (besides the fact that we survived) is that it saw the reemergence of Distilled!

Even if the darkest times there are positive events :) Thanks for passing by and I agree: I am happy 2021 is gone. I am however a bit afraid with 2022... Let's see what the short-term future will be!

To learn more about them, we should either go to Bombay, or read the post.

This got me laughing.

Well done team, it's been a year. 2022 will be better.

I knew it ;)

Medical doctors for the win, with 3 out of 5!

This is just a statistical fluctuation ;)

I sense these are great contents.. good to see that my colleagues in the Hippocratic oath are doing a good job here👏

And we are happy to have all your colleagues with us :)

They are all very meaningful contributions to the community but if I was to single one out, it would be the first one because I feel it the is most sensitive one and the author really put himself out there... very expressive.

I definitely understand the statement. Thanks for passing by!

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