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This week and the next one will be insane for @lemouth. However, no matter what there is always time for a good beer distilled. So here is the 9th edition of the distilled of the best articles posted within the STEMsocial community. Feel free to read and comment the posts of all featured authors of the week! Note that if you use our app, your comments are eligible for a small upvote from STEMsocial!

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Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected (by @lemouth) from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

@agmooreEpidemics Past and Present: Polio and COVID-19
@girolamomarottaChAdOx1 nCoV-19: use of Adenovirus as a vector in the anti SARS-CoV-2 trial vaccine

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Our top choices

The Inevitable Rise of Open-Source

Open source is crucial today. In an ideal world, any piece of software should be open source. In his last post, @medro-martin browses open source software and emphasise a few great related projects. Linux, Python and more are present!

Epidemics Past and Present: Polio and COVID-19

With this last blog, @agmoore discusses some interesting parallels between the polio and the COVID-19 viruses. The story seems to repeat itself, to some level. Feel free to have a look top the post: both events are described from someone who lived/lives them. Such a testimony without middle-person is rare!


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Guess we are going to keep having COVID-19 related posts for as long as the pandemic remains in the world's population. Those are really excellent choice for top picks. Congratulations to the respective authors and kudos to @lemouth himself.

This week's KPIs seem lower than last week. Guess that is what a slump in the price of hive brings ;)

Thanks for the nice words! And yes, we will have those, and I am actually very happy to read them :)

Writing about trending issues is a good way to bring attention to the community from the outside. Totally welcomed.

I agree of course!

Thank you @lemouth for featuring my article and for describing it so nicely. It's an honor to be included with @medro-martin and his wonderful article on open source. As usual, Distilled highlights an article and author I might have missed.
I know you're so busy. Amazing how you fit it all in...that and family too :)
Congratulations to all who are supported and to all who contribute to STEMsocial. Of course I'm reblogging and sharing on Twitter(as always)

You are welcome!

I was actually so pushed for time for this distilled that these three-line summaries do not render a proper justice to your article and the one of @medro-martin. I however hope this will trigger the motivations for others to click and have a look :)

Thanks for your support @stemsocial. I am glad to be here again. Good work from our curators for going through a load of post from wonderful authors all over the work. I hope to engage more in with the communities in the coming days. Thanks @lemouth for putting me through with the image.

My pleasure! And sorry for the delayed answer. I am dying under work :)

Thank you very much for mentioning and supporting my publications

You are welcome!

Thanks for the support, congratulations to all authors on this distilled.

You are welcome and thanks for passing by!

Woaw! Thank you @lemouth, and congratulations to all other members whose posts have been featured!!

You are very welcome! :)