STEMsocial Distilled #8

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And here we are for the 8th edition of the distilled of the best articles posted within the STEMsocial community. STEMsocial is actively pushing for engagement, which we find a bit weak at the present time. Therefore, feel free to read and comment the posts of all featured authors of the week! Note that if you use our app, your comments are eligible for a small upvote from STEMsocial!

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Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected (by @lemouth) from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

@lemouthScotino dark matter and the unification of the fundamental forces
@lupafilotaxiaElaeis guineensis Oil Palm as a material of agronomic and economic interest of the Arecaceae family
@gentleshaidShould Nigerians go vegan to tackle herdsmen crisis?
@girolamomarottaCan Sartans and ACE inhibitors favor Covid-19 infection?
@terrylovejoyComet ATLAS - The Ups and Downs
@pibaraWhy a herd immunity geared pollicy is a dangrous gamble and what alternatives we have.

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Our top choices

Learning science through movies: the Faraday shield

Sometimes, movies are not that accurate that we may think of. In his last post, @hadji reports about a home-made experiment aiming at verifying the use of a microwave oven as a Faraday cage as presented in a movie (to save us from terrorists of course). Interestingly enough, it works, at least when the bomb 9from the movie) is replaced by a Wifi device!

Comet ATLAS - The Ups and Downs

One of the STEMsocial astrophotographer, @terrylovejoy, is back with us on Hive to share some of his pictures of a new comet named ATLAS and that has been found a few months ago. In his post, it is possible to follow the evolution of the comet over time, from March 2020 to today, thanks to a set of amazing pictures.


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Congratulations to the stemsocial team and the entire community. The community is waxing stronger and I've got people asking again how they can become stem authors.

I also agree with the post by @hadji being an interesting read and deserving of the top pick. Coincidentally, the post is also the top pick for stemng digest. I hope to see improvement in quality as tines go by.

Cheers to everyone.

Yes, I admit this was a great finding. Compiling the distilled leads to interesting readings, which is why I still do it week after week ;)

@terrylovejoy : Nice to see you here :)

I said the same in the reply to his posts ^^


Thank you to both of you. Good to be back :)

Well done to all authors, curators and our esteemed @lemouth. All the post picked by the team worth it, they are well written. Nice work.

Thanks for the nice words! ^^

I am glad to see that the number of authors every week is growing, soon we will have the average of 200 that we had in 2017-2018 :) :)

I will probably compile some statistics this week, if time permits :)

Hi Lemouth,
I'm having trouble signing in on the site again. I have to figure out how to use keychain, because Hivesign is unpredictable. I thought I commented on this :(
Thank you for doing all this work. The number of supported posts grows (thank you!) and the contributions are topnotch. When my Steem is powered down (if it's worth anything by then), I hope to increase my support of the community.
Reblogging and Tweeting.

Oh thanks for this. I have broken hivesigner in the previous release in trying to fix something related to it. At the moment, I am rewriting entirely how the app communicate with hivesigner so that any of the related problems could belong to the past once and for all. This may still take a few days... In the meantime, keychain should work like a charm.

Thank you for doing all this work. The number of supported posts grows (thank you!) and the contributions are topnotch. When my Steem is powered down (if it's worth anything by then), I hope to increase my support of the community.

Thanks a lot for the nice message by the way! ;)

I am honored to be among the top picked authors for the first time :). Congratulations to Terrylovejoy as well. Let's keep up the good work to make stemsocial better.

And we are honoured to be able to read your posts! Thanks a lot for your good work!

Great Posts for top picks, congratulations to the authors

And thanks to you for your nice words to those authors! :)