STEMsocial Distilled #6

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Welcome to our sixth distilled of the best articles posted within the STEMsocial community last week. This week, this will be for Tuesday night as last week. But this is not a big deal as a distilled on Tuesday keeps the doctor away (damned...). Feel free to engage with the featured authors of this week! We are a community after all!

For those who do not know what STEMsocial is, please take a look here (no comment... I am on it!), or pass by Discord, the Hive Chat, Twitter or Facebook.

Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

@lemouthHundred future years of physics at CERN
@anaestrada12Clinical Presentation of Myasthenia Gravis
@menoskiUnderstanding the relationship between socialization and our mental health
@agmooreHydroxychloroquine and Vision Loss

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Our top choices

A Prequel to Making Wire and How I Got Into Electronic Sculpture

We are happy to feature a brand new author this week, @thecuriosium, who presented in a single video how he entered the field of electronic sculptures through some contest posted on twitter. Art and science can be all together!

Clinical Presentation of Myasthenia Gravis

We are happy to promote one of our regular author, @anaestrada12, who share with us week after week some clinical cases she got into during her carreer. The topic of the week concerns Myasthenia Gravis, a disease connected to issues with neurosmuscular transmission. As usual, the post performs a complete study, includinb in particular the diagnosis and the treatment.


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The list of upvoted post authors is: @acont, @agmoore, @alchemage, @aleestra, @amestyj, @anaestrada12, @angelik-a, @aqua.nano, @azulear, @borjan, @capp, @carlos84, @dayana82, @debo-medstudent, @eliaschess333, @emiliomoron, @emperorhassy, @empressteemah, @exqueila, @freemotherearth, @girolamomarotta, @helengutier2, @iptrucs, @jmkengineering, @katerinaramm, @latm, @lemouth, @lemouth-dev, @loveforlove, @lupafilotaxia, @mathowl, @menoski, @ozelot47, @phoenixwren, @rafaelaquino, @riccc96, @riverflows, @rok-sivante, @sathyasankar, @sorin.cristescu, @stem-espanol, @stemng, @suesa, @sustainablyyours, @tomastonyperez, @uyobong, @walterprofe, @wilmer14molina, @xabi

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Those are really amazing posts, I must say. I enjoyed reading all of them. Like Carlos said, we really should do something about authors that don't engage with the community beyond incentivising comments. Some don't even support fellow authors within the community but the bulk of their supports here. It doesn't look good.

Yep! Let's try to make this changing a bit... It can start with us curators, but others should follow (with the incentive mentioned in y answer to carlos' post, who knows?).

I agree with you that key members of the community should try to engage authors in the community. This include the curators and the honor members. This might spark other members of the community to start engaging.

Hehe it seems that we have a plan ;)

Another great Distilled. Reading these compilations is always rewarding. As usual, I found a great blog in this issue, one I'd overlooked: "A Prequel to Making Wire and How I Got Into Electronic Sculpture". Wonderful to follow the creative process as thought associations took place in real time.

Thank you for supporting my blog, and kudos to everyone who was supported. It's an honor to be acknowledged by the community.

A comment such as yours always makes me happy: at least the distilled is useful to someone ^^

Thanks to you for being with us day after day!


Congratulations to all mentioned especially to dr @anaestrada12 and @thecuriosium. 20 authors from the Hispanic community! Great :) although there is a lack of commitment from all authors regarding interaction and comments on publications! I will make sure this changes as the weeks go by

What about the following idea, as I proposed to the German community. I am ready to upvote from my personal account all great comments to the Spanish posts. It is also good to keep in mind that comments posted from the app are eligible for small @steemstem upvotes :)

I think you mentioned it to me once! I'm going to attach this to the weekly report and see what happens. I also left a message on the discord server expressing my discomfort with the community due to their lack of commitment! It's not just about posting and waiting for the curators to vote for you, this goes way beyond

Another option is to stop voting during 1-2 weeks... We did it 1.5 year ago, I don't know whether you remember :)

But I would prefer people to naturally engage with each other, rather than 'punishing'...

If I remember perfectly mid 2018...although I don't think that's a good option! let's try this idea you have, likewise I have another idea in mind that maybe also functions

I trust you on this one, let's see ^^

That was around August 2018 if am correct. But I think people should have a new approach to community interaction. It fosters a sense of belonging.

People should. For instance, by reading and commenting what they read... I am wondering how many readers we have around :)

We will still have more readers coming onboard.

Thank you Carlos and I agree with you... I will try to commit much more to what you just mentioned

you deserve it Dra. :)

Thanks for the support and congratulations to all great authors! I always read the Distilled but first time I reply one. I'll do my best on interaction on the posts on spanish and english.

Thanks a lot for planning to reinforce our community by more engagement! This is greatly appreciated!

Oh my god! I am so flattered by this recognition, thank you so much to the stemsocial team for recognizing my publication among the best! I will continue to contribute with my content as long as my career and time allow me...

Thank you very much.

The pleasure is for us. We are so happy to have you with us for so long. Please continue the hard work and sharing your cases (I read them even if I not necessarily reply) :)

Thank you for your nice words and I apologize that sometimes I answer days later, I think that never in my life I had worked as much as now and I have very little free time... :(

Don't worry! I know the feeling. I am not always 100% reactive too. Good luck in those hard times!

Well done @lemouth. The distilled is cool. congratulation to the authors whose work are presented here. The STEMsocial team always amaze me for going through several posts to pick well-written ones. Keep it up. 💜💜💜

Thanks for your nice words! How are you? It has been a long time :)

Am back now. And i hope to contribute more to the community

That's a great news! :)

Thank you for mentioning and supporting my content, I hope to continue participating by doing my bit, thanks again for the support

You are welcome! And thanks again for your contributions.

It is gratifying to find week after week a remarkable increase in publications. Without a doubt, everything will soon be back to normal, we need to attract new STEM professionals who will be encouraged to publish.

I fully agree with you! We need to get the community bigger! :)

Thanks!. I'm very happy. Congratulations to the other beneficiaries

You are very welcome! :)