STEMsocial Distilled #5

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Welcome to our fifth distilled of the best articles posted within the STEMsocial community last week. This week, our delayed edition is back... too much physics on @lemouth's shoulders. Many of the advertised posts can however still be voted on, so please don't hesitate to read them (and comment them), if not already done.

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Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

@gentleshaidHow do you prepare your herbal extracts?
@scienceblocksHow bats carry viruses without getting sick

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Our top choices

How bats carry viruses without getting sick

@scienceblocks is back with his journal club series, the topic of the day concerning the famous coronavirus. The virus seems to come from bats, and it is known that bats carry many viruses without falling sick (in contrast with other species). This fact is analysed in this post where the author compares the response of bats and human cells to various viruses. Hopefully, this will give us some handles to follow...

Understanding the relationship between socialization and our mental health

Humans are social creatures, and this is what made them survive so far. This is the starting point of an interesting post written by @menoski in which he discusses how socialising is connected with a good mental health from a psychological standpoint. It could actually act somehow like a vaccine, can help against dementia and many other good things.


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I really enjoyed reading that post about bat's carrying viruses and menoski's post made me to miss Abigail. Good job from all the authors and more power to your elbows @lemouth.

 last year (edited)

I must admin that I was thinking a lot to @abigail-dantes when I read the post from @menoski. Hopefully, our weekly psychology dose will be back through another author (and maybe we will have a double dose if abi restarts posting) :).

I am still looking for a weekly particle physics dose from someone else than me :D

I am still looking for a weekly particle physics dose from someone else than me :D


I was actually considering posting today... One post every 3 weeks is not a bad average ;)


Thanks for your work!

You are welcome! :)

Thank you, @lemouth! Wonderful edition. Just read @menoski's article on socialization. What a find, which I missed first time around. Other great articles in here, also. Resteem, sharing on Twitter.

Thanks for this! I have given up on twitter. This I leave to @mobbs, which is also fine as I can't do everything ^^

I love Twitter. The block function works beautifully :))

I may need to add such a function to the app then ;)



Great diversity on subjects with some more on artistic side and some more from social movements. Keep on distilling great posts around!

We try, we try! Although the amount of word behind this is often underestimated. At least, having people reading those posts makes us motivated to continue the series :)

Two great readings :) Congratulations :)

Indeed! And thanks for your work, as every week ;)

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 24/30)

Thanks a bunch! :)