STEMsocial Distilled #18

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Before moving on with the four best posts that have been selected (by @jsalvage with the help of @mobbs) from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

(Edit: This is somewhat late due to posting issues with images. It seems the issues on Hive have been fixed so let's move forward!)

@lupafilotaxiaPhytoremediation as a technique to recover contaminated water ecosystems
@jsalvageNecessary understanding concerning the web and the benefits we can revel in from the Internet
@emiliomoronProtection of steel by galvanizing

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Our top choices

Phytoremediation as a technique to recover contaminated water ecosystems

In this entry I will present descriptive content related to phytoremediation as a technique to recover polluted water ecosystems, this due to the serious problem of pollution that crosses water ecosystems, mainly by accumulation of nutrients, heavy metals, and excessive proliferation of aquatic biomass in both natural and artificial wetlands, product of the discharge of contaminated wastewater from domestic, industrial, agricultural and livestock, causing serious problems of socio-economic and environmental.

Necessary understanding concerning the web and the benefits we can revel in from the Internet

last week, @jsalvage shared with us a handy note concerning the internet and the website. The author also made us aware of the essential features that make up the website as a whole. lookup the post's link to read more on this topic

Protection of steel by galvanizing

In this article, @emiliomoron showed us how to protect the steel from rusting by employing galvanization techniques. If you'd like to learn more about rusting, then go ahead and hit the post's link.


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Thank you for this issue. I did read the wonderful article by @lupafilotaxia, but missed the other two. I have just now read Necessary understanding concerning the web and the benefits we can revel in from the Internet by @jsalvage and will catch up on Protection of steel by galvanizing later.

The value of Distilled is not only that it alerts us to high-quality articles, but also that it reinforces community.

I appreciate the effort that putting out Distilled requires.

Greetings friends, thank you very much for the mention to my pots and for the support received! my congratulations to the other selected authors and also to the colleagues @jsalvage and @mobbs for the great work they do in the selection and preparation of this report.

Congratulations @lupafilotaxia @emiliomoron and @jsalvage for these wonderful articles.

Let's hope that the activity keeps growing like in the old days :)

Thanks for enlightening us...

Great Job @steemstem