STEMsocial Distilled #17

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Happy New Year to every one of us!

You are all a big part of our success story and we'd like to welcome you to 2021, and I wish you a joyous and prosperous new year - if at all possible =)

Last year was tough and unpredictable but we all kind of pulled through, as a community, we also faced the challenges of the past year, and with you by our side, we were able to survive.

Once again I would like to thank you all for your continued engagement and for the educational topics you shared in the past year.
As the new year has turned on, we hope to see more of your interesting posts as usual.

To start with, we are promoting to you the three top featured articles published in the STEMsocial group according to the statistics of last week's activities.

Please read and enjoy!

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Before moving on with the three best posts that have been selected (by @jsalvage with the help of @mobbsian) from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

@agmooreIce Cream Please, But Hold the Wood. What's Really in Your Food?
@jsalvageGarri processing in West African province (Cyanide contain in cassava and its effects to the body)
@gentleshaidClimate Change and the Demand for Meat: The catalysts for Insecurity in Nigeria

Our top choices

Ice Cream Please, But Hold the wood. What's Really in Your Food?

Ever wondered what’s in your food? Ever wondered if your everyday products could kill you? I doubt it, or we’d all be eating grass. It seems the more you look, the harder it is to find something in your diet that isn’t slowly necrotizing you or obstructing your bowels, or distressing your intestines. Much of it probably unnecessary, but nice! @agmoore explores the risks of ice cream, pancakes, and everything gummy that you might want to think a little more deeply about from now on!

Garri processing in West African province (Cyanide contain in cassava and its effects to the body

Want more? well, have you ever wondered how garri is being processed from cassava? Then journey with us as we explore this article published by @jsalvage on how this edible product is archived. In his content, he explained how the chemical substance recognized as cyanide found in cassava has limited the consumption of these crop products because of its toxicity.

Climate Change and the Demand for Meat: The catalysts for Insecurity in Nigeria

Currently, Nigeria inhabitants are facing insecurity evoked by the Fulani herdsmen @gentleshaild in his further explanations proved that high demands for meats by Nigerians and the reduction in the water level of the Lake Chad Basin caused by the greenhouse effects are some of the factors that evoked insecurity in Nigeria.


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Another Distilled! Wonderful. Thank you for featuring my post, especially since it puts me in such good company :)

Putting out the issue is work, but I think it is important because it signals to the community that STEMsocial is dynamic. These are hard times. COVID has put a damper on a lot of activity. We'll get through this and come out the other end with a stronger community.

Planning my next article. Happy New Year!

Congratulations @gentleshaid @agmoore and @jsalvage excellent material. It is wonderful to see how we still have authors who trust in this project, I am sure that in the short or medium term better things will come

Thank you!

Greetings to all actually another wonderful delivery in the STEMsocial Distilled #17, first congratulations to the selected @agmoore, @jsalvage and @caballero excellent work all, congratulate equally to the colleagues @jsalvage and @mobbsian for the great work they do in selecting and preparing these deliveries. Successes friends.

Thank you!