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Tough times, tough times, and the distilled is late. However, better late than never and here is our 14th distilled of the best articles posted within the STEMsocial community is late. We encourage our readers to have a look and comment any of the best selected articles of last week. As usual, if you use our app, your comments are eligible for a small upvote.

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Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected (by @lemouth) from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

@robotics101Strengths and weaknesses of 3D printing in crises situations and in general
@cyprianjIndepth Study and Insight into Wrinkle formation; Age Dependent or hereditary?
@cyprianjThe journey of that stinking toilet and gutter water back to your tap
@mengeneBLACK HOLES: A Galactic Feature Science Is Still Yet To Understand!!!

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Our top choices

Indepth Study and Insight into Wrinkle formation; Age Dependent or hereditary?

Wrinkles? Are they a sign one is getting old? This is a common belief, but this may not be true. @cyprianj provides this week a very nice analysis explaining how wrinkles coiuld form, especially at an early age. Sometimes the environment plays a role, sometimes genetics. More information is in the post!

Strengths and weaknesses of 3D printing in crises situations and in general

Our 3D printing expert @robotics101 is nicely details how he got involved in the recent (and on-going) COVID-19 crisis in France. Armed with a 3D printer, he took part to the production of material useful for the hospitals. He not only shares his experience in his post, but also detail the associated strengths and weaknesses.


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This is nice. i was actually looking forward to the distilled post for the week cos i wondered what happened! it's good it's finally out though! Thanks for the hard work guys @steemstem!

And a big thumbs up to @cyprianj and @robotics101! you guys deserve to be the top choice! i have definitely learnt a handful from your articles..Keep it up guys

I understand how difficult it is to put all these together weekly amidst your tight schedule. The community is lucky to have you at the elms of affairs. Congratulations to the featured authors as usual and it is good to see that the engagement stats keep going up for the community. Kudos to everyone.

Greetings friends, you see good articles in the recommendations, I have had the opportunity to read some very good, with a fluid and clear writing, I congratulate all the authors in the community and also acknowledge those who make it possible for STEMsocial to stay active and generate very good proposals at a good time. We are still in communication !

Wonderful that we have another edition of Distilled. I know it takes a lot of effort, but it's the one event of the week that ties all the activities on STEMsocial together. It's called leadership :) Without that, organizations don't thrive.

I'll have to read the article about stinking toilet and gutter water...I was trying to avoid it, but I guess grim truth is unavoidable 😎 .

Congratulations to all the supported and featured authors!

Greetings my dear friends of the scientific community of @stemsocial, no doubt a great work the distillate of this week, excellent posts the selected congratulations to their authors, among so much talent is not easy said work, thanks @lemouth for their great effort and dedication and thus keep us informed and active. Successes.

Thanks for sharing with us a new distilled. Great articles mentioned on this distilled, from 3D printing to potabilization of water. congratulation to all authors of quality STEM content.

Thank you lemouth for taking the time to write the distilled each week and thank you for featuring my article! :)