STEMsocial Distilled #12

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Here is our 12th distilled edition of the best articles posted within the STEMsocial community. This means that we are on Hive for 3 months! Time flies... As a side note, we hope to be able to release this series again on Monday from next week onwards, but for now, with the current agenda of @lemouth, this is not possible.

Anyways, let's have a look to the best selected articles of last week. Feel free to read and comment those posts. Note that if you use our app, your comments are eligible for a small upvote.

For those who do not know what STEMsocial is, please take a look here, or pass by Discord, the Openhive Chat, Twitter or Facebook.

Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected (by @lemouth) from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

@lemouth-devAbout the STEMsocial app development: May-June report
@rbalzan79Rectilinear propagation and light reflection

Interested in being part of that list? Please check these guidelines or ask for a mentor on Discord or on the Openhive Chat.

Our top choices

Medical Myths: Does Shaving Make Hair Come Back Thicker?

It is an old myth that @mike961 debunks with us today: does shaving help to have our hair growing thicker. Does it work like grass? We could tell you the answer here, but we actually prefer letting you having a look to the post to get it by yourself. Also, let's congratulate the author who is the only person to be featured two weeks in a row in the distilled!

How to control a drone remotely? Part 1: The Transmitter

Very recently, @robotics101 started a series dedicated to the building of a quadcopter... from scratch! In the post of this weel, he provides a bunch of details on the transmitter and the physics behind it. If you are interested in the topic, feel free to have a look not only to the featured post, but also to the previous episodes.


As a novelty this week, please find below a list with the most engaging of all our community members (more to come with this respect soon; please check out the blog of @lemouth-dev). In other words, we display the top 5 of our community members that distinguished themselves in interacting with other members on chain.


What does being in this list change? For now not much, but please be ready for more soon. Inversely, the top-5 STEMsocial authors who generated the largest engagement are:


As I said, more information about those scores and how they are computed will be shared from @lemouth-dev later this week. Please stay tuned!


STEMSocial offers support to anyone using our app, We recall that:

  • Posting an article through the app automatically yields a 5% stronger upvote at curation time.
  • Posting a reply to an article (or to another reply) from the app can sometimes yield some support.
  • Setting @stemsocial as a beneficiary to the post automatically yields a stronger upvote (up to 5%).

Last week, the STEMsocial curator team has supported 58 posts written by 39 authors. 26 of these posts have been posted through the app (and got a 5% stronger upvote). Among these 58 posts, we find:

  • 20 small upvotes (less than 20%)
  • 26 medium upvotes (in the 20%-50% range)
  • 12 large upvotes (larger than 50%)

In addition, we have upvoted 11 comments posted through the app, written by 6 authors.

The list of upvoted post authors is: @acont, @anaestrada12, @aqua.nano, @azulear, @borjan, @capp, @carlos84, @chappertron, @crazydani, @eliaschess333, @emperorhassy, @empressteemah, @enforcer48, @hope777, @iamphysical, @idoctor, @iptrucs, @jacobtothe, @jywahaha, @kharrazi, @lasocia, @lemouth-dev, @loveforlove, @lupafilotaxia, @magicmonk, @mandate, @menoski, @mike961, @nazer, @newton666, @ozelot47, @rbalzan79, @remotehorst23, @robotics101, @sandracarrascal, @stem-espanol, @stemng, @sward, @tsoldovieri

The comments that have been upvoted are from: @agmoore, @carlos84, @gentleshaid, @lemouth, @pearlumie, @robotics101

All curation rewards earned are used to fund the STEMsocial project functioning and activities.

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See you all next week!

PS: This article has been formatted for the STEMsocial front-end. Please see here for a better reading.


I love the introduction of the statistics about top engagers and top engaged posts. It introduces a new dimension to the distilled entirely and represents something to look forward to. I will love to see users compete for the top position, especially when it comes to engagement.

I also love theat post by Mike. I use to think shaving makes hair to come back thicker, especially the beards. The post really opened my eyes.

Congratulations to the authors.

Having STEMsocial members competing for the first spots would be really great (together with an increase in the different scores). Let's track the evolution of this and I hope your prediction is correct. In the meantime, we can also discuss (maybe off chain) how to reward those community members.

Cool! Congrats to all those who got listed. I enjoyed @robotics101's article.

Btw from now, I can get more active in HIVE blockchain. Anyone want to guess the reason? ;)

Thank you @dexterdev :)

Did you get fired?

He got upgraded to Dr. Dex ^^

I thought about this as well along with "he hired a colleague or an assistant" and "found an 8th day in the week" but didn't want to brute force his riddle ^^

Congratulations @dexterdev ! :)

"found an 8th day in the week

Ahah! I would need this! :D

Congratulations! Now this is on chain, Dr. @dexterdev ;)

greetings dear friends, this week’s distillate is full of many novelties, I find it an excellent initiative to take into account the interaction, because we are in a social network and the main thing is to be able to create an exchange of ideas from different areas of knowledge. I congratulate you on the initiative. We continue to communicate and count on our support.

Once in a while, it is indeed cool to push for a novelty. From now on, we will have those engagement indicators. I will detail how they are computed later this week, or early next week.

Congrats for your position as one of the most engaging STEMsocial members! :)

Thank you so much for featuring the article of my new series (I think we took the same time machine, didn't we? ^^) along with mike's great article! :)

I have no idea of what you are talking about :D

I don't know how you find the time to do everything. I love this issue, and I like the enhanced features :)
It's a wonderful issue, though I missed both featured articles :(
I'll remedy that right away. Thanks for highlighting great work and for keeping this the best community on Hive!
Congratulations to the featured writers.

 last year (edited)

I don't know it myself... It is really hard... I am not too far from the mental breakdown at the moment, and I probably need a short break... but this is not the right moment (a lot of work at the present time) ;)

PS: will you be able to surpass my first position? ;)

No one will surpass @lemouth 😇
But maybe he should slow down, just a bit 🙂

This week I am.... An important hiring committee meeting is helping you ;)


Thanks for this new distilled and congratulations to all authors! The new engagement score is such a really nice feature, interaction is good for this multidisciplinary community as amestyj says, and it creates synergy. It is a good incentive for everyone to keep engaging and learning from other authors.

You are welcome, and congratulations for your fifth position :)