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11 distilled editions and way more to go. As usual, an insane work schedule makes them late, but we are still in business. So let's have a look to the best articles posted within the STEMsocial community last week. Feel free to read and comment the posts of all featured authors of the week! Note that if you use our app, your comments are eligible for a small upvote from STEMsocial!

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Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected (by @lemouth) from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

@girolamomarottaCellular therapies in Covid-19 patients
@lemouthExploiting the results of the CERN LHC - about my own research
@tomleeNatural Gas Gathering and Transportation Systems: A Case Study of Nigeria
@corsica👶 One journey for a child #9 👶
@cyprianjDebunking the myths; Spreading the facts about Covid-19
@mike961Honey as Wound Dressing: Does it Really Work?
@lupafilotaxiaBiotype and plant adaptability // Laguncularia racemosa (Combretaceae)
@cyprianjCritical appraisal of the overtly neglected potency of Ascorbic acid in rejuvenating human natural defense and anti-aging mechanism

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Our top choices

Natural Gas Gathering and Transportation Systems: A Case Study of Nigeria

Gas is oe of the main resources if Nigeria. Therefore, the process behind its gathering and transport to the main centres of the country is crucial. Our member @tomlee addresses this topic in his last post, discussing a topic he presented at the university last year.

Honey as Wound Dressing: Does it Really Work?

Honey can help with wounds. This is by far not a myth and there is solid scientific grounds behind that. Honey has several properties that helps with any wound, concerning the bound itself but also the bacteriological dynamics around it. However, we should be careful and read the fineprints... @mike961 tells us everything on this topic this week!


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Dear STEMsocial team,
I have bought a small amount of STEM.
How can I employ them so that STEM contributors benefit from it?
Do I have to withdraw them from HiveEngine?

Thanks for a short reply,

Hi @zuerich.

I apologise in advance because I won't be able to help...

STEM tokens consist in the STEMgeek token. We have thus absolutely zero control on them (and their functioning). We decided not to issue any token and wait for the SMT to be properly implemented before making that move. In addition, I have no experience with HiveEngine. I have the impression you can manage your tokens from the peakd wallet. But I am unsure here. Sorry.

Maybe could you pass by discord to get a better help?

Do you sleep? An amazing array of articles to read, and evaluate. Such a short time on Hive and the community is thriving. Thank you for your leadership and time. Distilled is truly a distillation of community spirit and information.

Let's say that I sleep efficiently :)


I totally agree with those two top posts. They pass for interesting and educating reads, especially the one by Mike on honey and wound dressing. Congratulations to the authors and more grease to their fingers. Kudos to @lemouth himself for putting all these together for our weekly enjoyment.

This indeed demands quite some energy. I still don't understand where I find it. Those current weeks are so intense... ;)

Congrats to the top two.
I guess I didn't fasten my belt enough to be in the top two

Don't worry. You are still quite new on the chain.

Please read all top posts (those mentioned in the table for instance, that can also be filtered through our app) and try to get the main differences between those and yours. This may help with improving your posts, and get the little details that actually make the difference between an average and a large support.

Sure you are right about that


it is good to be able to observe a distillate with very varied content :)

And seeing so many good posts this week is very nice for my eyes! :)

Congratulation to the authors of those great posts...I must say I learnt a lot reading those post.

Well done guys

And thanks to you! Your posts are really great! But I cannot select your articles every week. The complexity with the distilled is to try to shed light on different authors week after week :)

Haha, Sure. I perfectly understand.
Other great authors also need fair exposure.
It's great and I must commend your efforts so Far.

More strength to you

t's great and I must commend your efforts so Far.

Please do so. It is the entire purpose of this distilled series :)

Excellent! Thanks @steemstem for the support!. Congratulations to all.

You are welcome! :)

Thanks my friend @lemouth !