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RE: Adapting to Change: Phenotypic Plasticity in Locusts, Humans and Other Animals

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Thanks for your contribution to the STEMsocial community. Feel free to join us on discord to get to know the rest of us!

Please consider supporting our funding proposal, approving our witness (@stem.witness) or delegating to the @stemsocial account (for some ROI).

Thanks for including @stemsocial as a beneficiary, which gives you stronger support. Using the STEMsocial app could yield even more supporti next time. 


Thank you for supporting my blog and endorsing my post. I do delegate, from @agmoore2 and @agmoore. I tried posting on @stemsocial app but the post wouldn't load. Also, @lemouth is my proxy, so that covers me on the witness front :)) Also, I have supported a funding proposal. Perhaps this is a new one? I'll check.
I value @stemsocial very much. There's nothing else like it on the blockchain.

You're getting posting errors on the app too?

I still need to update the app for HF24. The HF happened at a time the COVID business took over all my time. Currently, I have basically no time to do anything except university and resaearch work, and this is the case for almost 9 months. I could explain in all glory details what my life has become on a blog... but I don't even have the time to do so... I hope things will get better in a couple of months...

PS: I am back on discord at least, as I will use discord for teaching ;)

My apologies if it appears I was casting aspersions. It wasn't my intent in any way. I just thought that I was the only one with the issue. I kept seeing postings coming in through the app, and I was curious about whether or not I was doing something wrong.

I had the fortune, or perhaps misfortune, of seeing my computer crash beyond repair before my eyes, and I opted for the less expensive PC desktop as opposed to Apple. Yet, I encountered the same issue. I am sorry you're going through what you're going through—my best wishes for improvements soon.

Thanks for your understanding. And don't worry, I didn't take it as an offense at all ;)

It just won't load. Comments also.

I know.... See my reply to scholaris' comment :(

Hi @lemouth,
The virus takes center stage. Things will be put to right when this is over. Just survive :)

Surviving is fine for now. The rest is just so exhausting :)

Thanks for the nice words! I hope you are safe!