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RE: Healthcare Facilities; People didn't have it easy in history.

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That was when life was hard and things were worse

Every century comes up with some kind of improvement I guess.
It's not as if life isn't hard now but I clearly understand where you are driving at, let's say then, life was miserable indeed.
I can't even imagine how they survived it

You can only imagine what will be coming after this era.

I'm left with great imagination honestly 😂
Maybe a teleporting device will be like the cars we see today, hehehe.

An inspiring post ✅


Yes ooooo. Life has never been easy for human race. Each generation has their own issues and challenges to contend with. Theirs was rough, but ours is not any better. It's just that we have more options to explore when faced with medical issues at the moment.

As for what the future holds for us, we can only imagine. Hehe


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