Yeah i put references

What I see at the bottom of your post is this:


That is not a good reference. It does not contain the link to the article. Also, you merely copied part of that article, and did not write any of your own words. If anyone outside of Hive saw your post, they would think people on Hive are lazy, steal other people's work, and do not give credit to those who did the work writing the article. Do you want Hive to look badly in the eyes of the crypto-world and fail...? Or do you want Hive to succeed by doing things properly...?

It wouldn't happen again

Excellent! My mentioning this is to help you so that your account is successful, and to help the Hive blockchain be successful, too. GOOD LUCK with your blogging!

Thanks god bless you I always count on you I learnt a lot from your server and God will definitely what you for guiding me

Okay ma


As stated by thekittygirl below, you have again used content and images that are not yours. The whole reason we have been working with you at The Terminal, was to help you not do these things. You have a message waiting for you on our server.