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RE: The value drop off on human attraction

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The second is that even though many think that a general intelligence machine that can compete at all levels might be impossible, a narrow AI that processes a narrow field isn't. What this means is that like the lions that join to create Voltron, these narrow intelligences can be combined to build a collaborative brain that would very much seem like a general level intelligence. Due to the processing power, speed and volume of data it can consume, evaluate, hypothesize upon and test through millions of simulations at a very low relative cost, it will be enough to push us all out of the markets eventually.

Hey, @tarazkp, do you remember japanese animation Voltron? 5 lions join to create Voltron.
By the way, I prefer the Andersen fairy tale of the Australian animation to Voltron.


do you remember japanese animation Voltron?

Yes, it is why I referenced it in the article :)