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RE: The Opossum: Hands Like a Primate and Smarter Than a Dog

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I don't care for opossums. They're fugly. But, don't harbor animosity towards them. My only trouble with them has been when they make their way into the attic. They make a mess of the insulation and leave their waste. They are relatively easy to catch in a cage when put near a wall with some fruit. Our animal control department will come pick them up and drop them off somewhere out of town. I learned that if they nest in your attic, you can usually count on having to catch both the male and female. So, you have to set the trap a couple times.


Thank you for commenting.
I'm surprised to hear you find a male and female together, or almost together. They are solitary. Female goes into estrus almost spontaneously and after they mate, the male is supposed to move on. You are smart to call animal control. I've read that in many places it is illegal to relocate the opossum by yourself.

I'm glad you don't harbor animosity. I think they are cute, but recognize they are wild and respect that. Still, I kind of like them :)

I had two attic invasions. Both times I caught two opossums. Although, to be honest, I couldn't tell you if they were male or female. They would hiss at me from the trap, so I didn't attempt to investigate.

I know a girl who thinks they're cute too. They're just not my cup of tea.