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RE: Science and Art - the final STEMsocial selection (for a bonus prize)

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Hello, @stemsocial. It's a great honor to have been shortlisted for your attention. Mainly because my understanding of space science is at the level of a layman and sci-fi enthusiast. So I am very happy to have been selected.
I am also happy to see the participation of two Hive communities @stemsocial and @lmac which are indeed proof that collaboration allows progress and new quality.
As a moderator of one of the smaller communities, I am aware that a lot of energy and effort has been put into this joint project by the organizers and I look forward to new, similar challenges. Thank you, once again.


Thanks for your contribution to our contest, that we really appreciated. We were especially amazed by all the efforts you injected in it, and the excellent result that emerged from this. Therefore, I thank you again for your participation.

As written already in several other comments to the present post, the success of the contest motivates us to organise a new edition in a close future (or more probably in a mid-term future). We will start thinking about the theme very soon... ;)

By the way, congratulations for being now an LMAC jury member. This task looks to be a very hard one, at least from my standpoint, because of the number of contributions to the contest being so huge. I hope you will have fun with this!