EU Science Funding Unity in Disunity during COVID-19 🔬

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In time of emergencies people, and institutions, revert to their deepest nature and reveal their true character.

It seems that LinkedIn has not yet become too befriended with Hive and PeakD when it censors my links, at least this is still the case when I attempt to open my posted Hive and PeakD links on the mobile LinkedIn version. Let's see if the problem will still appear when posting Palnet links on LinkedIn this time or if peace, abundance and liberty between the crypto and fiat world are lost forever.

This mini-problem may well be even smaller when one considers the controversies and dramas surrounding former ERC president Mauro Ferrari and the themes surrounding his resignation that are covered in the media. Quickly the following simple picture becomes very suitable again:

Here are a few quote Gustostückerln from the (co)rresponding media silos:

1️⃣ Top scientist says he quit research council over poor European response to COVID-19

Europe has done a number of good things. Unfortunately, their ability to share information with each other has been limited.

The world of science likes collaboration, and that I've seen pretty much everywhere. However, it is true that I think we have seen a bit of a reversal in Europe.

[...] all of a sudden setting up unilateral barrier and border restrictions and travel restrictions against one another — almost a reversal to medieval times [...]

So, I think in this time of stress, Europe has to reversed to a much less unitary, I think, approach to everything.

2️⃣ EU science chief defends record after ouster over coronavirus plans

My wife now wants to kill me because we are leaving that house!

Helga Nowotny, a former ERC president who served on the search committee, says Ferrari showed promise. After he was picked in May 2019, Ferrari came to talk with her about the job. “He was asking a lot of good questions,” she says.

3️⃣ Fired researcher Mauro Ferrari denounces EU inaction on COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the EU as a corrupt tool of the capitalist aristocracy, indifferent to the fate of millions.

In the meantime, the EU is plunging countless hundreds of billions of euros into the pockets of the superrich.

Mass wildcat strikes and walkouts in factories led to the initial shelter-at-home policies in Italy and France.

4️⃣ Mauro Ferrari rejects criticism of his performance levelled by the European Research Council’s scientific board

In his point by point rebuttal Ferrari says, “I hereby authorize the [European Commission] to release and publish the terms of my employment contract, which was as special advisor to the Commission. I was employed part-time (80 per cent), with explicit pre-approval by the signing Commissioner for my declared external activities.”

In the statement released via the Financial Times, Ferrari said he had lost faith in the EU system. However, he acknowledges some of the efforts against COVID-19 funded from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme.


What's your favorite political media silo?

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I really like the new picture reminds me of

@glass.wolf is the one who made it! :)

I think this link is a good read, especially as it comes from the inside and not from any media website.

The linkedin stuff is also interesting, but for different reasons. Hive was on some blacklists, but this should be cleared now. Please let me know!

Hey, lemouth, nice to hear back from you, with my next post I'll consider as linkedIn material I'll check the function again (Hive was blacklisted on twitter). Palnet was not showing the picture of my post (which is decisive to be recognized and seen) this time so I had to add it separately, let's see.

Thanks for the additional ERC link,one can turn and twist this whole event till vomiting. No. 4 for instance is for me the most lame argument. Everyone who has once been on top in a political position very well knows that an income needs to be secured anyway after one's appointment. Being still involved in his business activities made his position not a lethal one. There is also the question of whether one would like to have a (business) experienced practitioner at the top or an armchair ivory tower person. Well this "private public partnership" personified in Ferrari failed.

I've always wondered why some of my professors had such dusty views and were forced to become bureaucrats rather than interesting leadership personalities. In such an environment, with such a logic of running the risk of being cut off very quickly, one will beware of change. Many of the people I've met, for example in the United Nations, will never in their lives understand what entrepreneurship means. Bottom-up is also something completely different than re-potting a plant in a glass house, well that's the tension we have to bear. Ferrari may have asked the right questions at the right time with the wrong people.

Palnet was not showing the picture of my post (which is decisive to be recognized and seen) this time so I had to add it separately, let's see.

I agree with that. This is one of the current problem of the STEMsocial app that I will try to fix in one of the upcoming release (after the summer as this is not that easy wrt how things are implemented; see our roadmap).

To go back to the topic, bureaucracy is not avoidable. I tried for some time, but I am now deeply involved at different layers. This eats so much research time. Somehow, I decided to pay my share to the community. This being said, I agree it is always better to have fully-dedicated people in high positions, without any conflict of interest at all (and this is no so easy to find).