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I have been silently hoping to see #science on the trends at POB. I love STEM. There's a certain level of professionalism that's refreshing about it.

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Core sciences do not have a lot fans on the chain, just as it is even everywhere. Unless one tries as much as possible to write in a language laymen can understand and relate with

I think many people believe 'science' is something apart from them. For me, 'science' is not a separate discipline. It's everything around us. It answers questions that arise about daily living. I think we make a mistake in school when we separate science from other subjects. Especially history cannot really be explained without an understanding of science. Try talking about WWII intelligently without explaining the development of the atomic bomb. Or try talking about fossil fuels/environment without addressing nuclear energy. Or the development of the canal system without talking about mosquitoes. For me, this approach to integrated education should begin in the earliest grades. If we did that, the language of science wouldn't be so alien to people.

There I go, on my soapbox :))

Have a great day, @gentleshaid.

Hello @sholaris.pob! I love STEM. My formal education is in history, literature and languages, but my whole life I've been a science tourist. It's all connected. Thanks for the gentle suggestion. I've never posted in the Proof of Brain community (although I did join it), but now that I know my rather long, well-researched articles may be welcome, I will.

Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting my blog. Hope the week ahead is great one for you.

Trust me, it's welcome. I'm happy to curate well-researched articles. Especially from StemGeeks and StemSocial. I think the trick to this community would also be to associate the topic with something that's important to you or Hive in general. However, that can't always be done.