Physiotherapy: Understanding Cervicogenic headache and specific diagnosis

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Now pay close attention! ...

According to a research by Dvorak and Walchli published in the National Institute of Health (NIH) , "The percentage of headaches in association with degenerative changes of the cervical spine ranges from 13 to 79% and that in association with indirect trauma of the cervical spine from 48 to 82%" (Dvorak and Walchli, 1997)


Cervicogenic headaches are a pain in the neck, literally. They’re caused by dysfunction in the neck, usually as a result of injury, poor posture or strain.

But what if I told you that your pain doesn’t have to be permanent? With physicotherapy, you can wave goodbye to those pesky headaches and finally enjoy your life again. Does that sound good?

So right here, right now, I’ll explain how physiotherapy diagnose cervicogenic headaches and provide you with a path towards freedom from pain in subsequent posts. Yes, for now, we won't be talking about treatment until we fully understand what exactly cervicogenic headaches are and how it is being diagnosed physiotherapy-wise alright.

So let's dive right into it!

What Is Cervicogenic Headache and How Physiotherapy Can Help

Let listen to what Dr. christopher has to say about this 👇👇

video by Dr. Christopher Webb & Assoc.

Ah, the sorrows of cervicogenic headaches. You know the ones, that dull ache that won't quit, and if you try to move your head, it gets worse. Sure, you can manage it with medication, but what if you could beat it for good? If only there was a quick and easy way right...

Ah ha! there is actually a way, Physiotherapy!!. It's not just for when you're about to lose your mind – it's perfect for treating cervicogenic headaches too! It works by helping your neck muscles and joints eliminate any built up tension and restore range of motion, yeah. This helps reduce inflammation in the neck muscles and alleviate pain, pain that would most likely not go away on its own.

Plus, with physiotherapy, you can learn exercises to strengthen those neck muscles so they continue to function well long after treatment is done. That way, you can bid farewell to cervicogenic headaches and say hello (again) to freedom! Now that's something worth celebrating with a nice glass of...water.

Now lets proceed to physiotherpy assessment and diagnosis for Cervicogenic Headache

Physiotherapy Assessment and Diagnosis of Cervicogenic Headache

When it comes to diagnosing the cervicogenic headache, I need to find the culprit—and physiotherapy assesment blueprint is just the detective I need!
During, let's say my assessment, a physiotherapist like me will typically perform a physical exam, including testing flexibility and strength in my neck, as well as looking at posture. Then they'll assess my movements while doing specific tasks – like nodding or tilting my head. After gathering all this information, they can work their magic and figure out the source of my pain.

At this point, we usually come up with a diagnosis – cervicogenic headache – which is just fancy-words for "headache that originates from the neck area". That's when the real fun begins: like burning off fingerprints and analyzing clues, you get to start your treatment plan!

Now what does the plan include?

This plan could include stretching and strengthening exercises for my neck to address any muscular imbalances or poor movement patterns. For more severe cases of cervicogenic headaches, manual therapy may also be an option. The physiotherapist may use massage and joint mobilizations to help me get back to feeling normal again. So if you're ready to be free from headaches, go ahead and book an appointment with your friendly neighborhood physiotherapist! it might just be what you need.

That will be all for now, so a quick recap, we have come to understand cervicogenic headache and how it originates from the neck mostly as a result of built up tension which might eventually lead to an inflammation in the beck region. Analgesic medication will basically treat the symptoms of this headache, it won't address the cause and We have so come to understand why it is important for it to be specifically diagnosed by a physiotherapist to be sure it not just a regular headache caused by something else probably an intracranial tumor.
That said, in our next post definitely within 24 hours, we would be looking at specific physiotherapy-based treatments, intervention, and exercises for cervicogenic headaches, so stay tuned



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