Geez!! There is an eye condition called Lagophthalmos 😱😱

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Now this a reaction post to @nattybongo post on Lagophthalmos, very enlightening 😱

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Speaking of Lagophthalmos! frankly, you see I personally had to look that up because it sounded more like those fancy words you only hear in a sci-fi movie or one of those animals that have gone extinct like the dinosaurs thousands of years ago, but it turns out it's a medical condition. Who knew?

Apparently, Lagophthalmos is basically what happens when your facial nerve goes on a vacation, well more of like a strike and you can't voluntarily close your eye, weird ooh-ooh. That's right, you're walking around looking like a pirate with a wink that won't quit and It's not just a cosmetic issue, definitely not.

You see, imagine opening your eye widely without closing, without blinking them, can you last a minute or two? I highly doubt it, this is confirmatory that your eye shouldn't be over-exposed to the elements, that is why physiological mechanisms were put in place to help protect this delicate structure, remember you only get a pair of eyes, remind me how much an eye transplant is again, worst come to worst you want to protect this structure at all cost.

Overexposure to the environment which is realy harsh can cause infection of the eye which is the last thing you want to deal with obviously, ulceration of the cornea, or even perforation. Ouch. That my friend is what will most likely happen in Lagophthalmos

And if you're wondering if you have Lagophthalmos, just take a peek at your sleeping friend. If their eyes aren't fully closed, they might have it. But seriously, who looks at their friends while they sleep? That's just creepy.'

Alrighty then, listen up! If you happen to wake up with an eye that feels like it's been to the Sahara Desert and back, with a side of pain and burning feeling, then it's probably time to visit the Doc. A trip to the eye doctor might just save us a world of hurt.

You know what Gandhi would say, "an eye for an eye just might make the whole world blind" we dont want the whole world to, you know... So, go see a doctor and keep those peepers in tip-top shape! Or maybe you just slept with your contacts in again, yeah probably, but that is if you use one.

But back to Lagophthalmos. It can also happen if your lower lid is turned outward according to @nattybongo, which sounds like a fancy way of saying your eyelid is doing the no no I am staying outside today. And if your eyelids get attached to your eyeball, well, that's just plain freaky. Imagine trying to close your eyes and they're like, "Nope, sorry, I'm attached now. You're stuck like this forever." No thanks.

And then there we have the eyeball protruding, or as the medical community likes to call it, "Hey, your eye is trying to escape!" Apparently, this can happen with thyroid eye disease, which sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. If your eyeball is bulging out of its socket, you might have bigger problems than Lagophthalmos.

But fear not, If you have Lagophthalmos, there are solutions. You might most likely be placed on some eye drops or ointments to keep your eye lubricated, or they might recommend surgery to fix the problem. Just don't try to fix it yourself by taping your eye shut or wearing an eye patch. That will or would be just like looking for a date with trouble.

In conclusion, Lagophthalmos might sound like a fancy word, but it's actually a serious medical condition that can cause a lot of discomfort and damage to your eye. So my friend if you think you might have it, go see a doctor.

Now, in the event that as a friend, you see a friend that is most likely making a horrific display. I am talking about an event where you see your friend sleeping with one eye open, especially in the middle of the night, don't fret or be a weirdo and stare at them, encourage them to go see a doctor, you could even show them the post by @nattybongo just so they might understand the gravity of the situation. Because we all need to be our brother's keeper, even if it means pointing out their wonky eye.

Special thanks to @nattybongo for the enlightenment, I can say I am now at least 1% smarter.

Thanks for reading, Take care of those eyes. Sayonara 🖐️

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