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RE: Scientific Journals and The Great Paywall

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The university at which I currently work, however, does not get me the easy Journal access I enjoyed in the past

Perhaps, it is only one university in the entire Nigeria that has access to one or two internationally acclaimed publisher in the like of Nature, Springer, Elsevier, etc.

That means many Africa-based researchers are left with no option than to sail the pirate ship. Where would they get the money to buy PDF version of an article for 20 Euro? It is more than probable that 80 % or more of Africa-based researchers fund their research work with their personal money. I am not speculating even though my statistic may not be accurate. I know from whence I write.

It is a great disservice for few people to feed fat on the effort of others in the name of giving credibility to their work.

Anyway, they shouldn't be blamed. The whole academic structure is resting on a faulty premise of publish or perish that make the system vulnerable to renown publishers.


Yeah it’s really a strange system jn many ways. I was really just touching the tip of the iceberg here. This could start a very big discussion on many aspects of academic research and the money and power involved 🙈

Thanks for sharing your story, it’s appreciated! :-)