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RE: Original Research: Investigating The Therapeutic potential of Locally Consumed Grasshopper in Abuja, Nigeria, against Arthritis disease

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Insects are gaining more and more attention worldwide due to many ways of their exploitation. Many articles deal with insects in relation to developing countries, harvesting insects in nature and solving the problem of famine, as in some cultures, insects present an important seasonal source of proteins and are a common part of the menu of a substantial part of human population, especially of Asian, African (Nigeria in this case), Central American and South American cultures. In these areas, insect’s consumption is associated, by no means always, with a poor man’s subsistence.

To be honest, I have always associated harvesting of insect for food with poverty. However, the idea of isolating active molecules in insect for human benefit seem plausible to me.
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For sure, they both have strong correlation.

Someone wealthy enough wouldn't want to hunt grasshopper since he can afford to feed.
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