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Logo from @stemsocial, Image from pixabay by felixioncool

Hey everyone!

Starting Sunday, February 13th 2022, Hive will have its own Community Celebration Week. And for this occasion, @guiltyparties is challenging all Hive users to publish a post about their favorite community!

So I'm going to talk about the wonderful people of STEMsocial and why you should have a look if you don't know them.

STEMsocial is a community about sharing knowledge and ideas about any STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), it also brings together people with the same degree of curiosity but from very different backgrounds (fields, locations, expertise levels, ...). Browsing through the posts, you will always learn something new, and the curation team make a great job selecting some very interesting posts each week.

I joined this community in January 2018 (when it was still called SteemSTEM) and was warmly welcomed by everyone. I'm not the most active writer on the blockchain, throughout the 4 years I spent here, I posted around 30 posts about topics related to robotics, electronics, and my different projects. Sharing my posts on StemSocial allowed me to improve my writing skills (I hope ^^), get feedback from other members, and have interesting discussions about many topics.

And my favorite part of being in this community is interacting with others, online or in-person, like in Geneva for the first SteemSTEM meetup organized by @lemouth in CERN where we visited the Large Hadron Collider. Here are some of the reports from people who were there :

The CMS detector, human for scale (on the right)[Credits: @robotics101]

And I was lucky enough to meet some of them again the same year, this time for a multiple days trip to Florence and Pisa in Italy, where @Suesa and @bendelgreco organized the second meetup. During this one, we got to visit the VIRGO lab where they detect gravitational waves emitted by cosmic events like 2 merging black holes or supernovas, and we got to meet some community members as well. You can read here a report from Suesa.

One of the arms of the VIRGO interferometer, people not pictured here [Credits: @robotics101]

Theses meetups are memories that I hold to dearly, and I hope we can organize others one day :)

Thank you to the team and all members of this community!

And if you haven't already, go read the post for @gentleshaid and the one from @mobbs also celebrating STEMsocial!

Don't hesitate to connect with the community using this link : or by joining us on Discord (invitation code: 9c7pKVD) or following the @stemsocial account (or you can you all of that).


Man, I would have loved partaking in that tour at CERN! Maybe one day...

I only recently became aware of this community, I totally agree with you on the social aspect! I feel the people interacting in this corner of Hive are really interested in discussing about the topics passing by in all the posts. It makes it a very nice and personal experience. Even without even really knowing the members that well.

Let's hope one day you will be able to visit this amazing place!

Exactly, you can just pass by any post and ask any question relevant to the subject and most people will be happy to discuss it with you :)

Thanks for this very nice report. The two meetups were definitely among the best STEMsocial moments, in which we were able to see people in reality and have great mind-blowing scientific events!

I will do my best to organise a new one as soon as COVID will be well behind us. For now, it is indeed too early to even consider organising anything, many of us being unable to travel.

Thank you for taking care of this community! Yes, I loved them!

Yes, it would be pretty difficult to organize one now, we will see when there are fewer restrictions :)

Maybe in 2-3 months... Fingers are crossed!

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Hi @robotics101, thanks for a great introduction to the #STEMsocial community. I'm still quite new here on the HIVE social blockchain, although I was active some three years ago on the legacy social blockchain, from before the hardfork. I have already found #STEMgeeks, but I hadn't come across #STEMsocial until I read your post here. At present though, I am learning more about the changes which have happened on the social blockchain during my absence, so I am spending most of my time currently in The Terminal. My main goal for being here on the social blockchain is to blog about setting up my new #homelab, using a #raspberrypi and the YunoHost distro of Debian, for #selfhosting of NextCloud, amongst other Web2.0 apps. So STEM subjects will become my main focus once I have re-established myself on the social blockchain. The activities in #STEMsocial look really exciting and interesting. I can't wait to get more involved in this side of things! All the best for the #CommunityCelebration event.

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