Upgrading My CPU Cooler Part 2- Bought It And Installation

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Well, I sort of dove right in and bought a AIO and installed it. I ended up getting the Corsair H110i RGB White because it was white and it fit with my build.

Installation of this was quite possibly the hardest thing I had to do with the entire PC build process. It took a lot longer than I thought it would and it had a lot more problems than anything else.

Ignore the mess of cables

Opening it up, it looked very nice especially with the white fans and radiator.

Screen Shot 20201201 at 2.19.12 PM.png

It was pre setup for Intel sockets and I had to swap it out for the AMD ones. I initially put on the wrong AMD one(I and had to remove it and put it back on, luckily it was just an easy pull).

Screen Shot 20201201 at 2.19.59 PM.png

After that was the installation of the fans onto the radiator. The fans are very nice looking Corsair LL 120mm fans, the white ones which sell for $40 each. After that I had to install the would thing onto the case. Luckily with my NZXT case, I had a piece I could remove out of the case to install the radiator onto it and it made it a lot easier.

Screen Shot 20201201 at 2.24.10 PM.png

After that I had to install the block onto the CPU. That took quite a while as I got confused on how to do it. At the end I figured it out and installed it. No thermal paste needed as it had pre included thermal paste.

After that it was just a bunch of cables that I had to plug in. The cables from the fan connected to the pump which connected to a sata power cable and one to a usb header on the mother board.

Screen Shot 20201201 at 2.25.15 PM.png

And I thought I was done, but the first problem popped up, I couldn't get the RGB light on the pump to light up. I was wondering what I was doing wrong and after some googling I realized that my power supply had a 4 pin sata and it needed a 5 pin sata cable to light that up. Cheapening out on my power supply caused this problem as most people said that most new power supplies should have a 5 pin sata cable on the corsair discord channel where I went to ask to see if I could buy an adapter to get this working(spoiler alert: I can't unless I build my own).

Screen Shot 20201201 at 2.28.37 PM.png
Notice how on the left there's only 4 gold pins, I need 5 of them to activate the RGB on the pump block

Then when running the PC, I realized my CPU was running really hot, reaching up to 60 C when not doing anything at all. With the help with the fantastic @kyle I realized that I might have gotten some dried out thermal paste on the block. I opened it up and look at that, there was like no thermal paste on it at all.

Screen Shot 20201201 at 2.31.28 PM.png

I don't have an image of what the CPU looked like during that time, but trust me, there was nothing on that either. So I went to best buy and bought some Corsair thermal paste(it was the only one they had) and applied that and reinstalled the pump block.

Screen Shot 20201201 at 2.32.38 PM.png

And that did it(and changing the power settings to balanced instead of Ultra). I had great thermal performance, idling around 30 C and going up to about 60 C with workload on it. Plus best of all, it's near silent. Only way I can hear the pump is when I have it set to extreme mode, which I never do.

Screen Shot 20201201 at 2.34.11 PM.png

@scrooger told me I should undervolt my CPU if I wanted to get even better thermal performance and I plan on taking a look at that today or tomorrow depending on when I finish putting up the christmas lights. The initial installation took me about an hour and a half and then I spent about another 2 hours of troubleshooting and finally another 45ish minutes to reinstall the pump block with the new thermal paste. This was quite a bit longer than how long the initial build took.


It looks so neat! :D


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That picture of the pump block looks like there is a protective plastic cover over the thermal paste..

There actually is none, corsair used a loose plastic covering over the whole block instead of just a sticker over the thermal paste. I checked when I had it out. Considering that the reapplication of the thermal paste fixed it, I'm pretty sure thats where the problem was.

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