Upgrading My CPU Cooler Part 1- Picking It Out

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Recently(about a week ago) I built my first PC(theres a whole series about it, check my profile). It wasn't anything splashy or overt the top, just a better machine than what I have right now. While I'm fine with most of it, I have one pretty major problem with it. The stock CPU cooler that came with the Ryzen 3600X is a bit too loud.

First I tried tuning the fan curve down a bit in the bios, but that just lead to a "yo-yo" effect. It would get hot and ramp the fans up, then get cool again and turn the fans down. So I turned that back to what it was. Its not too much of a problem when I'm playing games as I've got headphone in, but when I'm programming or just doing something else without anything to block the noise, it can get quite annoying.

While this was an upgrade I knew I was going to have to make, I didn't think I'd be making it so soon, but I guess that it will be a decent Christmas gift to myself.

The first step(always the hardest) is to chose what I want. I want something that looks nice(sorry Noctua, while you perform great, your brown and tan color scheme is the ugliest thing I've ever seen and the black ones aren't exactly what I want considering I've been focusing on white for everything else). I've got the NZXT H510 case so I need something that will fit in that, and the max possible size for that is 280 mm radiator if I went with a AIO.

My current choices for an AIO are either the Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT which is 280 mm or the NZXT Kraken X52 which is 240 mm. Surprisingly, the NXZT comes in at a more expensive price of $150 vs Corsair's $130. I'm more of a fan of Corsair's look as well due to the white fans vs NZXT's black fans. The one part that NZXT wins on is the part that connects to the CPU, which looks a LOT better over on NZXT's. Their infinity mirror design is definitely a great looking part.

I really don't have a pick for an air cooler. All the white ones look terrible or are louder than the AIOs by a significant margin. The only benefit of them is that they come in at a lot cheaper(somewhere around $30-$50 for decent ones). I'm looking for some here but just due to the much superior looks of the AIOs, I think that they might be the way to go.

The biggest benefit for going AIO for me would be the silent operation. Corsair's boasts a 0 RPM feature when the CPU is running cool enough and I'd definitely be a fan of that. While I didn't expecting to be upgrading anything on the PC this soon, having a lot quieter operation would be beneficial for me going though things day by day.


So I am really retarded when it comes to hardware, but wouldn't water cooling fix the noise problem? D

The AIO is a liquid water cooler. I'm not ready to go into full on custom water cooling :)

What is the difference?

This is easy and involves me installing this onto the front of my case and the other part to the top of my cpu while full on custom watercooling involves me buying a ton of stuff I don't have and potentially destroying everything in my computer by splashing it with water when I cause a leak.

Haha, but in reality, this is a lot easier and its just for the CPU while custom liquid cooling would mean that I would need to get a bunch more parts like a water resoviour and tubes to take the water to where it needs to go.

I have never heard of thst option! Nice :S

Giz a photo!

There's a picture of my setup(I just moved one of the fans over to the front as intake).

The water pumps in AIO coolers are not always silent and can have a worse noise profile than a slow moving fan on a tower cooler. Read plenty of reviews to see if that's an issue with what you're considering.

Thermalright used to make the best tower coolers when I still kept up with PC stuff. I wonder how they are now. Also from way back when, SilentPCReview had the best info when it came to NVH issues. Looks like the forums are still active: https://silentpcreview.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=8

That would suck if it got louder. I guess I have to watch a ton of reviews to find out which one will truly be quieter. Thanks for the heads up.