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RE: Back to Hive and STEMsocial… and on my way to HiveFest!

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A break away from the internet is always refreshing. Glad to see you visited Canada, 😊 we had a above average warm summer but not as hot as Europe.


Thanks for passing by, and I agree with you. An offline break is always a good way to reload ourselves!

I actually often go to Canada during the summer (my wife is from there). I noticed you are from Prince Edward Island. That's a place I have never been (I visited Gaspesie a few years ago, that is not very far; although I don't know how easy it is to cross the sea from there).


I’ll give you a layout of how to come to the Island from the Gaspe.

The Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec is no too far from New Brunswick. You can drive ( about 7 hrs) or take a ferry to New Brunswick.

There is a bridge from New Brunswick that will take you to Prince Edward Island. It is about 13kms. And you can also come over to the Island by ferry from Caribou, Nova Scotia. It’s takes about 75 min crossing the Northumberland Strait. It’s a great crossing and you experience the wide open ocean.

Some information on the Confederation Bridge linking New Brunswick with PEI.

There is talk of changing the bridge name to "Epekwitk Crossing", whereas Epekwitk (/ˈɛbəɡwɪd/ EH-buh-gwihd) is the traditional Mi'kmaq name for Prince Edward Island.

I was actually thinking about ferry options, but I didn't know that there was a way to come by car. It is well noted. I just cannot tell when will be my next visit to Quebec in general (flights are super expensive those days), and to Gaspesie in particular (although I want to bring the kids there; it is a beautiful region). It this gets realised, I will definitely let you know!


Doesn’t seem to be a good time to travel. Everything has been going up in price and there has been delays on flights. Hopefully this will all level out in future.

I hope you and your family come to PEI one day. Be sure to let me know.

Have a wonderful day. 😊

Yes, we probably need to wait for a couple of years to see the situation and the world get calmer... I will definitely let you know at the time of my next visit.

Have a nice week-end!