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RE: Do People with Autoimmune Disease Have Special Issues When Getting a Vaccine?

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As usual a great informative article A.G. I’ve heard many arguments for and against getting the Covid vaccine. One couple told me it was like winning the lottery to finally get the vaccinations. As you wrote it is the only solution we have.

With 3 million deaths already in the world, I’d sooner get the vaccine than get covid. I registered to get mine the 28th of this month.

I hope your booster shot went okay and you had no problem.🙏🌺


Hello my friend, @redheadpei,
Everything went well. Two days later my arm is barely sore and systemically I feel no effects. What I do feel is a sense of freedom. My husband can play poker (he's scheduled a game in two weeks!). My son can install my new computer. I can move around (with reasonable protocols) and feel somewhat secure. That's wonderful. I'm so glad you are getting the vaccine. Nothing in life is 100% secure. We make our best guesses and move forward.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, and your generosity. It's Sunday--fun day!--and I have to fix my troublesome collage. I hope to see yours over there later. Enjoy your day :)