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RE: I am a Doctor of Natural Sciences now ! - This is my PhD Thesis

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Congratulations are definitely in order for your wonderful accomplishment. I’m sure your parents and grandparents are smiling with encouragement and know about your success.

Thanks for breaking it down into “My Whole work in Simple Words” for many of us less scientific to relate. :)

Have a !BEER and relax now you have your Doctor of Natural Sciences @adalger.

Again Congrats!👍 🌺


Thank you very much @redheadpei ^^ .. It was really a long road through many highs and deeps and so much happened in all these years ;) .. I really thought a long time how to write up my thesis without loosing too much information while still keeping it simple. Even after this I found that a "simple words" paragraph would be a great idea too, hehe .. Thanks for stopping by 🤗 .. And thanks for the beer 🍻

Most welcome dear @adalger.

Have a great day!🌺