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RE: No Cod Fish, no Vikings?

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I remember the cod liver oil capsules being given to children , especially in winter, when I was a child. Winters in the northern hemisphere can be really cold some days.


I can not imagine what it is like to live in a northern country in winter. I have lived all my life near the earth's equator. Thanks for your visit to my post.

It’s a way of life here. I enjoy the change of seasons except winter has some cold days but there are activities folks enjoy such as ice skating, skiing, snowmobiling to name a few.

We have the four seasons winter, spring, summer and fall. The other three seasons are pleasant and summer can be hot.

Here we have in general the same climate all year round, sunny. But there are rainy seasons and it is usually a little colder in some months, but nothing more. I have only touched snow once, when I visited one of the highest mountains in my country.

You have the ideal weather conditions. Right now we are in spring season and having sunny weather. It will usually be nice now until late fall.