Some Effects of Atmospheric Pressure_Part (III)

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First of all my respectful greetings to all the academic and scientific community of, in this article we will continue to deepen on some actions of atmospheric pressure in our lives.


As you have noticed in the previous articles, where our main purpose has been to show some effects of atmospheric pressure around us, and also, with simple and practical examples that each of you can easily do at home.

All of us are constantly witnessing the great advances in the scientific-technological area and with this knowledge we have managed to develop useful tools such as barometers, however, in this opportunity my dear readers we will make a barometer type instrument with easily accessible materials in our homes, and this, in order to continue to understand some effects of atmospheric pressure in our existence.

Perhaps on many occasions you have heard that we are immersed in a sea of air, something totally true, as expressed by the great Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli, and this we have been checking in previous installments.

Every instrument elaborated by man has an essential purpose in the analysis of certain phenomenon as is the case of barometers with atmospheric pressure, that is why this pressure is also called barometric, referring to the instrument that allows us to measure this pressure in any place where we are, therefore, it is very important to express that the first barometer was created by the above mentioned Evangelista Torricelli.

This time we will be able to make a simple barometer from our homes which will allow us to easily observe the effect of atmospheric pressure around us, so I invite you to observe the following elaboration of this instrument, where we will implement materials such as.

*Cylindrical containers.
*Straw or straw for drawing soft drink.
*Transparent tape.
*Hot and cold water.

Development of a barometer

As we have expressed my dear readers, these instruments (barometers) are used to measure the air pressure, that is, the pressure of the atmosphere, therefore, I invite you to visualize the following images that show the elaboration of our barometer.





In each of the previous images you could see the creation of our small barometer, and the same, we introduce it into a larger container in order to visualize the action of the magnitude of the pressure.

Logically, there is air inside the barometer, as well as outside it, therefore, when we put pressure with one of our hands to the piece of balloon placed on the mouth of the container of greater volume we are causing pressure to the other piece of balloon placed in our small barometer, and this action causes the membrane to sink due to the pressure exerted by my hand on that column of air between the two membranes.

Therefore, the pressure exerted by my hand on the column of air above our small barometer is greater than the pressure inside it, and that is why the membrane sinks, and thus the straw on the membrane is lifted from one side, indicating that the pressure exerted on the barometer is greater than the pressure inside it.

Now my dear readers, what would happen if instead of applying pressure with one of our hands, we now generate other conditions with temperature change to see how the pressure behaves inside our small barometer, this can be seen in the following images.






When we implement cold water we clearly notice how the pressure inside our small barometer decreases, and with it, the pressure outside is higher, thus causing the sinking observed in the previous images.

As for the example with hot water, of course, the opposite occurred, i.e., the pressure inside our small barometer increased, which caused the membrane to expand or swell, indicating that the pressure outside the barometer is lower.


All of us at some point in our lives have implemented any type of instrument created by our ingenuity through science-technology and this for the realization of a certain task, such as barometers which allow us to know the pressure exerted by the air in any space-time around us.

It is also important to note that we can apply science in our homes, and also, with simple materials easily accessible in our homes as you could see with the realization of a small barometer which still allows us to demonstrate the action of atmospheric pressure in our environment.

Until another opportunity my dear readers of, especially the members of the great community of #stemsocial, for which I highly recommend being part of this beautiful project, because it allows us to highlight the excellent work of academia and likewise the excellent work of the entire scientific field.

Note: All images are my own and were captured with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro cell phone and edited in Power Point, the animated gif was made with the PhotoScape application.

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I was looking forward to read another blog from you. The present blog did not disappoint me! It was simply... great!

I have added this experience to the list of small scientific experiments that could be done with my kids during the week-end or a holiday period. It is very easy to put in place and we can illustrate nicely some useful principles of physics with it.

While this device and the way it works sounds very logical when we think about it, I have never considered to design one by myself. I will give it a try during the next holiday period (or week-end time if we are lucky, although the next week-end will be dedicated to math and logic), and let you know.

Have a great end of the week!

Hello dear friend @lemouth thank you for your important visit to my blog, and also for your positive opinion about this small, but, significant practical experience I hope you can do it soon and share it with your children. Greetings and have a wonderful weekend with your family.

Have a nice week-end too! :)

Wow! So simple and yet so complex. Really liked the design, I never thought before about how you could do a barometer!

Hello friend, thank you for your words actually science is everywhere in our existence as you could see in this article by the eleboration of a small barometer. Greetings.


Thank you @edu-venezuela community for your important support. Greetings.

Very good experience, easy to reproduce I think, and can be used for fun and educational purposes with children for example.

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Hello friend you are absolutely right this little practice can be very useful for the understanding of some effects of atmospheric pressure. Greetings.

My understanding of the world changed when I realized that wind was a response to changes in barometric pressure.

I used to think that the wind was air that wanted to travel to a different location. When I realized that air was simply responding to changes in pressure, my understanding of the globe changed dramatically.

Barometric pressure explains phenomena like roofs popping of sheds during a storm. The outside wind does not pick up the roof. What happens is the pressure outside the room changes in relation to the pressure inside the room and the roof pops off.


Hello friend, what a great and interesting contribution you have shared with us, thank you for that, because maybe many people are unaware of this fact, which you point out very well. Greetings.

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