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RE: Back from HiveFest - Combine and conquer (new phenomena at particle colliders)

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Hi @lemouth, I'm glad you were able to enjoy the Hivefest must be an extraordinary experience as you very well expressed, worthily representing the entire STEMsocial community.

Really each of your articles shows an extraordinary scientific methodology, and we know that this requires a lot of dedication and dedication, generated by the passion that you have for physical science, which allows us to better understand each of the phenomena that develop in our environment, such as the one you detail in this article (new phenomena in particle colliders), both your knowledge and your passion, we certainly learn as much as we can.

Thank you for us with your excellent scientific content of very high quality, congratulations on the progress made to you and your team. Best regards.


Thanks a lot for your very positive comment and recognition of what I do here, on chain and also in real life. It is very appreciated and heart-warming!

Moreover, I also hope that I represented our community in the best and most fair way at HiveFest, and that the message I conveyed was appreciated by every member of our community. It was for me a first experience, and I discussed with many people who are interested in helping us to reach our goals and for the upcoming developments of the project.