Decrease in air pressure due to lack of oxygen

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First of all my respectful greetings to all the academic and scientific community of


Thanks to the enormous work of many people dedicated to science today we have essential knowledge of everything that surrounds us, and each of us are witnesses of it, so that in many cases we have sensitized our actions towards nature, the road to travel is very extensive and complex, but, we continue and will continue to implement our best tool for obtaining any learning related to our universe, that is, the SCIENCE in all its presentations, but, especially making use of the fundamental axis of it as it is the Physics.

In this opportunity my dear readers we will continue observing some effects of the air that surrounds us through the pressure it exerts on us and on all the things that surround us, we have already clearly expressed that the air is a mixture of gases, and this mixture makes up our atmosphere, it is important to emphasize that the air is a mixture of gases because necessarily for it to exert the proper pressure it must have all its components, otherwise there would be an imbalance between a certain portion of air that would lose some of its components with the rest of the air that still contains all its elements.

It is important to continue highlighting that one of the component elements of the air is Oxygen (O), and it represents life for all of us since without this element we could not survive on Earth, but also, oxygen allows the development of fire and this fact we will implement to consume one of the elements of air as is the Oxygen (O), where we will create some conditions for a certain portion of air to lose strength or pressure in relation to the air surrounding the objects under analysis.

Let us remember that in order to start a fire there must be some conditions such as the presence of a substance or compound which we call comburent, since it facilitates the combustion phenomenon. We refer to comburent because Oxygen (O) represents the comburent substance most implemented by mankind for the generation of fire.

Now my dear friends once known in a general way some vital functions of oxygen (O) present in the air that surrounds us is important to proceed to a small practical experience very simple, but that will allow us to continue describing the action of air pressure, ie atmospheric both in us and in everything that surrounds us, in this experience we will use the fire to consume the Oxygen (O) present in a certain portion of air inside a container and see what happens when there is an imbalance between the internal and external air to our objects to be analyzed, this can be visualized in the following images, for this we will use simple materials such as:

*Embace or glass container.


We can start our little practice by placing a small piece of candle in the bottom of our glass container as you can see:


We now proceed to fill our balloon with water so that it does not burst or explode when subjected to heat:


With a whole candle we proceed to light our small candle in the bottom of the glass container.


We clearly notice how the candle remains lit due to the consumption of oxygen (O) present in the air, and as the mouth of the container that contains the candle has not yet been obtaculated, the same (candle) remains lit, let's wait what happens when placing the balloon with water in the mouth of the container that contains the lit candle inside.


In the previous images we see how by placing the balloon in the mouth of the container containing the candle, it gradually begins to consume the oxygen (O) inside the container and when the candle is exhausted, the candle is extinguished and we see how the balloon is sucked into the container, and what really happens is a pressure imbalance between the air inside the container with the air outside the same and this is because the Oxygen (O) is no longer making pressure inside the container, and therefore, there is greater weight outside or on the balloon that is in the mouth of the glass container.


It is important to be able to notice the action of the air pressure (atmospheric pressure) around us because in this way we understand that the air weighs, and therefore, exerts pressure as we could see with the balloon in the mouth of the glass container, because before the candle went out it continued over the container and everything changed when the same (candle) consumed the oxygen (O) of the air inside the container.

It is a simple practice but also allows us to demonstrate the effects of atmospheric pressure, as any experience we must experiment several times because if we fill the balloon too hard to be introduced inside the container, anyway we will see how it will try to get inside the container but because of so much volume of water will not, but, just as you can notice the suction of the balloon inside the container due to the increased pressure of the outside air which has oxygen (O), and therefore, greater weight.

Until another opportunity my dear readers of Hive, especially the members of the great community of #stemsocial, for which I highly recommend being part of this beautiful project, because it allows us to highlight the wonderful work of academia and likewise the enormous work of the entire scientific field.

Note: The images of my authorship were captured with the cell phone camera Samsung Galaxy J2, the animated gif was made with the PhotoScape application.

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Another cool experiment. I am adding it to my list, so that I will be super ready for the kids when vacation time will come ^^

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Simple experiment but a great way to explain air pressure. great job!


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