Center of gravity some generalities_Part IV

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First of all my respectful greetings to all the academic and scientific community of, without a doubt each one of us can say that our environment is wonderful and thanks to it we have learned a lot, which has made us stay alive in this very complex but charming universe.


It is unquestionable that our physical entity is immersed in any space-time where innumerable phenomena take place that have an enormous influence on us, as we have been demonstrating in previous presentations related to the center of gravity of our body as well as any other object on the Earth's crust.

Therefore my dear readers on this occasion we will continue relating in a general and practical way with the phenomenon of the center of gravity of an object or system of particles, highlighting in the same way that for this occasion we will also perform some small practical experiences that allow you to witness this phenomenon, and all this with simple materials that you can find in your homes.

It is always necessary to emphasize that every object or body is made up of any number of particles, and these particles will have their own or particular weight and all make up the total weight of the body or object to be analyzed, and of course, there will be a resulting force generating a concentric imaginary geometric point that will allow us to keep the entire system of particles in balance, this phenomenon is known as center of gravity and we have already observed its effect on our body and everything around us.

Center of gravity of some objects or particle systems

In this opportunity we continue locating objects to structure a system of particles that allows us to demonstrate again the action of the center of gravity, where, the particular forces parallel to each other originate what we have already called resultant or concentric force and that has allowed us to analyze the center of gravity, before moving on to our simple, but, meaningful practical examples let us know the materials to be used:

*A small piece of cork.
*A pin or needle.
*Two forks.
*A small piece of flat wood.
*Two nails.
*A plastic bottle.
*A few centimeters of rope.
*One coin.
*A small piece of paper.


Once the materials to be implemented have been described, our first example consists of locating the center of gravity of a coin placed on a small piece of paper, as shown in the following images.



In the previous images you can see how it is possible to stabilize a coin on the edge of a paper, this is achieved by folding our piece of paper and then placing the coin on the paper and we stretch it little by little until the paper and the coin by themselves are balancing in its center of gravity, so much so that we can lift the paper with all and coin, of course our pulse counts a lot for this last action.

The following example was inspired by an experience expressed in a comment in my previous article by our friend @lemouth, last time I made a small tightrope walker of cork and welding rods which was mounted on a flat surface (ruler), this time we will do it on a curved surface such as the walls of a plastic bottle and we will not use electrodes but forks as you can see below.


In the previous figure you can clearly see our little tightrope walker with the forks and mounted on the curved walls of a plastic bottle, now let's see in what other position he can remain in equilibrium.


In this occasion you can see that he kept his balance on the base of the bottle, let's continue to place our tightrope walker in other positions of the bottle.


Now observe it on the top of the bottle demonstrating great balance, remember that the whole system of particles rests on the base of the bottle, and that is why the whole system remains as observed, to close you can visualize the real tightrope walker on a leather, and for this, elaborate a small-scale system that includes two nails, a piece of wood and a rope as you can see.


Now we will see if our tightrope walker can stay on this rope and demonstrate that the entire particle system is in equilibrium due to the action of the tightrope walker's center of gravity plus the forks as his seesaw rod.


You can witness the action of the center of gravity of our tightrope walker to stay on the rope, highlighting that the pin has a small plastic sphere in his head and the same we have to make a slit or slot so that we can support the system on the rope.


It is important to know about the effects of any phenomenon that develops in our environment as is the case of the center of gravity which constantly acts on our physical entity (body) and especially around us, highlighting that these simple, but significant examples can make each of you in your homes and also demonstrating that science is around us at any moment of our existence.

Until another time my dear readers of, especially the members of the great @stemsocial community, to whom I recommend to be part of this great project, because it highlights the excellent work of the academy and the wonderful work of the whole scientific field.

Note: All images are my own and worked in Power Point, and they were photographed with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro cell phone, and the animated gif was made with Photo Scape.

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Ahahah. You managed to bring this even further than what I meant with my comment to your previous blog. My son has a lot of interests for the "cork device" sitting on the rope. I guess we may try this out during the next week-end... ;)


Hello dear @lemouth, thanks again for your important visit to my blog.

My son has a lot of interest in the "cork device" sitting on the rope. I guess we will try it out over the coming weekend.

I hope you can perform it and enjoy it, as I enjoyed it a lot next to my daughter. Greetings to all your family.

Greetings to all your family.

Thanks a lot! Have a great long week-end (it is a three-days long week-end here, due to Easter) ^^

Nice experiences.. Really interesting!

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