Calculation of some physical quantities of a possible new planet

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Greetings again my dear friends, I hope you are all well, we have advanced a lot in relation to the knowledge of our outer Universe, which we have found fascinating and, this despite the existence of many enigmas to decipher, however, we are on the wonderful path to continue discovering new celestial bodies and, to know if in the not too distant future we can inhabit it if necessary.

Due to our enormous scientific-technological advances, we have discovered a large number of celestial bodies in the universe, therefore, these advances make us think that in the future we could inhabit some of these celestial bodies, especially those with similar conditions to our planet Earth.


Assuming that we have colonized a new planet whose geometric shape is circular or spherical, with a radius of 2,200 km, and a gravity of 4.8 m/s2, in relation to the above, answer the following questions:

a.- What would be the escape velocity of such a planet that would allow us to send any body or object to orbit around this new planet?

b.- What would be the mass of that new planet?




a.- To answer our first question, we must mention an example, i.e., the minimum initial velocity that allows us to send a given satellite orbiting around the Earth is the so-called escape velocity, therefore, we need to know the escape velocity for the planet Earth by applying the following formula:

Fórmula 1 y cálculo de la velocidad de escape de la Tierra.jpg

This is the escape velocity for the Earth, therefore, we can do the same to find the escape velocity of our new planet, so we can proceed in the following way:

Cálculo de la velocidad de escape del nuevo planeta.jpg

In this way we obtain the minimum initial velocity necessary for a given body or object (such as an artificial satellite) to escape from the gravitational field of our new planet, that is, the escape velocity on that planet.

b.- Now with that escape velocity, we can answer our other question and find the mass (MNP) of our new planet to inhabit, therefore, we have to clear mass from our first formula:

Despeje de la masa y cálculo de su valor.jpg

Thus we were able to find the mass of our new planet with the help of the magnitude of the escape velocity.


One of the greatest dreams made true by man through science, is to have managed to take a large number of bodies or objects out of our Earth, this thanks to the understanding of the physical magnitude of the escape velocity, therefore, it allows us to escape or make escape any body or object from the gravitational pull of a particular celestial body, as is the case of our planet Earth and, thus, to apply it to other bodies, if necessary, and thus to know these values of great value.

On this occasion we managed to know important physical magnitudes related to astrophysics, and we know that this branch of science has allowed us to go to the conquest of our outer universe, and thus, to the conquest of our possible change of habitat if necessary later, all this, we did by implementing mathematical formulas and that will be our intention in other deliveries.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.

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Well, how will these calculations be applied if the Earth turns out to be flat, and other planets simply do not exist? :)

If the Earth were completely flat, then there would be no solid core inside the planet. Therefore, we would lose what science has determined as magnetic field, to name just one example, in addition, all those particles and radiation from the sun that would reach us would scorch us, but we would also lose the atmosphere, without leaving aside the oceans, and we know that all these elements are essential for our survival.

Thank you for your valuable contribution. Greetings.

When I want to plant a tomato in the garden I rely on the knowledge gained in practice which has been really tested by many generations of gardeners who planted seedlings in different soils of different chemical composition under different climatic conditions and eventually got one or another result expressed as a volume harvest or its complete absence.
As for the theories about the structure of the Earth then today everything that is said about the earth's core is an unfounded theory which is based on the words of a guy who dreamed of being burned at the stake you know there are people with various mental illnesses who dream to hurt them.
He trusted Pythagoras more than other representatives of more advanced civilizations most of whom put theory into practice but relied on a plane and not on a spherical structure.