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RE: Science and Art - the final STEMsocial selection (for a bonus prize)

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First let me say congrats to all the finalists on the STEMsocial side of this amazing contest and collaboration.

I'm humbled and honoured to place first.

Thanks, as always, to @shaka for starting LMAC. It has literally been the catalyst for me to learn so many more techniques in GIMP photo editor, and I think improve my digital art to a much higher standard than before.

Big thanks also to both @lemouth & @gentleshaid who visited my LMAC blog and gave me some great feedback, and the other judge @mobbs as well. I'm grinning ear to ear right now 😃

Would it be possible to request an extra version of this image with the STEMsocial logo?

Of course that's no problem @lemouth As it's a giff animation, maybe I could place it in one of the corners of the image? Or, I might be able to add it to the animated section so that the logo actually comes up as the portal is fading before it begins it's loop?

I tell you what, I'll join the STEMsocial discord tomorrow to chat about the logo placement in person 👍

P.s. thanks so much for the generous beneficiary on this post as well 🙂


It was a really great work of art. Wish to learn photo editing but don't know where to start. Any recommendation?

Hello @raj808! I am happy to see you replying to this post and congratulations once again!

I apologise for my slow answer. Today was a really busy day at work, and I was mostly off-chain and off-discord. Feel free to pass by and contact me on the STEMsocial discord. We have a private channel for the STEMsocial benefactors (which you are automatically, also with @shaka and two special guests which I won't tag), on which we could discuss the details.

Note that for anything artistic, it is better to have @mobbs around. I am very bad on this ;)

No worries @lemouth
I've been pretty much afk the last two days anyway, with no access to my computer until today (I don't hive from my phone other than answering the odd comment).

I'll join STEM discord today to chat about possible modifications to the gif 🙂