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RE: Clothing: A Powerful Aspect of Our Identity

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What an extraordinary interesting article about such everyday things. Moreover, the content of your article confirms what I have believed for a very long time.

Because I think that we live in a world where everyone tries to enchant everyone every day. Some are better in it than others, some are worse. But the best ones participate in an efficient system.
It is the great enchantment system, in which words are spells to guide and control others. "Appropriate" clothing obviously falls into the role of symbolic sorceries.
An truly spellbound World!

Perhaps I've expressed it a little too fantastically, but in a basic principle it seems to me the reality. Or maybe in other words, Social Control! We all do it with each other, against each other and very often also for ourselves.

The aspect of clothing you described in your post might just be a consequence of that.

Thank you very much for this great piece of reading material.


Thank you so much for reading my blog, friend @quantumg.

I think you hit the clothing issue (for me) on the head. I resent control and clothing (appropriate clothing) is definitely a method of control. Plus, spending time and energy on clothing seems like such a waste (to me).

But, clothes are important to other people. It's like shorthand. People 'read' us through our clothes, among other things.

It was interesting writing this. My daughter vigorously rejects the premise that what she wears at home (with no one around) will have an effect on the way she thinks. None of the studies I read addressed specifically creativity--'free' thinking. My daughter is creative (professional dancer) so she may be correct.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

I know the day is over for you. So, have a good night's sleep and a wonderful Monday :)