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Nice shots!

It's quite hard for me to get nice shots with small objects without sacrificing the exposure, it comes out blurry most of the time.

Be careful of the hairy caterpillar, they're very itchy on the skin.


Thanks :) Yes, there are always problems with not enough light in macro ... on many shots I used the built-in flash of the camera, but I covered it with a piece of toilet paper to disperse a bit the sharp light of the flash ... that way I'm able to shoot at fast shutter speeds 1/500 to 1/1000 ... but this doesn't work with shiny insects, shiny surfaces don't look good nor realistic when photographed with the flash ... the blister beetle on the opening shot was photographed with a lot of patience (and a bit of luck) using only the ambient light and relatively slow, 1/30 shutter speed.

A toilet paper ha, thanks for the tip!!!


what camera are you using?

I use the camera Canon PowerShot SX60 HS ... and the macro lens adapter Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Snap-On Lens

Hmmmm... It seems like most people here who's into photography uses Canon. I use D3400 because the review was really good if you're a beginner.

Today, I finally learned a little bit of my camera using manual mode and the other buttons that is have been ignoring for more than three years, lol.

Is that your first camera or did you upgrade?

:D I did downgrade and upgrade through time ... used more complex DSLR camera and small compact ones before this ... I'm very satisfied with the current combination of camera and macro lens, it works good and is versatile ... It's great that you are exploring the manual options, that's the core of making photography. You have much more control over the process and a wider array of expression ... you can make the pictures look and feel in a variety of different ways.