The "ILOVEYOU" worm

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Try to imagine how much of a nightmare it would be if hackers were to spread an email worm that could be easily modified by others and can wreak havoc on entire Operating Systems worldwide within a matter of just a few days. Well, on May 5th, 2000, that nightmare became a reality and it was known as “ILOVEYOU”. On May 5th of 2000, you check your email inbox to find an email with the title being “ILOVEYOU”. In the body of the message, there was a file called “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs”. At the time, Windows computers automatically hid file extensions by default so you wouldn’t see “.vbs” unless you turned that setting off. Most computer users of the time wouldn’t suspect much of it and download the file. Once the file is downloaded and open, a Visual Basic script is activated, causing damage to files and the OS on the computer while spreading the virus by email to contacts on the infected user's device causing this worm to spread at a rapid rate. The other part about this worm that made it even more dangerous is the fact that hackers could easily edit the scripting of the file and spread their own versions of it as well. Who was responsible for this? A 24-year-old resident of Manila, Philippines names Onel de Guzman. The worm created by Guzman caused between $5.5 to 9 billion in damages worldwide with fifty million devices infected. Since the Philippines had no laws against creating malware at the time that it was made, Guzman could not be prosecuted and was set free.


First, let me welcome you to the blockchain. Here is more or less where my virtual life lies and @joerhino is largely a part of it. I hope you can always find time to interact and grow on this chain as well. There is a lot to gain, trust me.

I've once lost my entire file to something of that nature. Downloaded a file that appeared harmless and a blue screen greeted me upon opening the file. To what end do people do that? I mean, I wasn't contacted for a ransom or anything of such. Do people just derive pleasure in destroying others?

Thank you for the warm welcome @gentleshaid I am fairly new to PEAKD and the HIVE Blockchain. I will be posting more in the near future.

You are welcome youngest @joerhino and thanks for reminding us of Love Bug's creator.

He wants to be a software engineer.

What a great ambition you have chosen for yourself! Hoping to relate and read more from you soon.


Thank you @noble-noah I will be publishing more articles soon.

@gentleshaid and @noble-noah this is my youngest Rhino posting to @stemsocial. He wants to be a software engineer.

That's really awesome. My oldest is just a 2 year old :). And yes, I hope he grows to become a hiver someday. I've considered opening an account for him but yet to make a decision on that. I will definitely give him a follow.

Fún fact: a baby rhino is called a calf.

Yeah, this is my youngest and a teen. We are going over basic markdown language tonight so he can use in his next post. He already knows some HTML.

Don;t worry, I will work with him on citing his images and formating his posts.

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