The history of Blackbeard

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Edward Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard was a notorious and well-known pirate throughout the West Indies and the east coast of Britain's North-American colonies. He was born at some time in 1680 in Bristol U.K. He started his privateering career during Queen Anne's War and turned to piracy sometime after the end of the war. In the late fall of 1717, Blackbeard and his crew captured the French slave ship La Concorde. He would later rename La Concorde the "Queen Anne's Revenge". He would make the Queen Anne's Revenge the flagship of his fleet. Blackbeard is famous for making a blockade on the port of Charleston South Carolina during May of 1718 as a ransom for medicine for his crew. The blockade lasted just over a week. Around June 10 of 1718, Blackbeard decided to retire and intentionally scuttled Queen Anne's Revenge by running it aground near Beaufort Inlet North Carolina. Blackbeard came out of retirement shortly after. On November 22 1718, Blackbeard was killed in combat when he was shot five times and stabbed over 20 times in an ambush by the Royal Navy.


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