AI bots are the new future?

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Are we sliding into future of AI which we always imagined through movies and books. Are all the sci fi movies going to be to real soon as we can see technology growing speedily.
A week ago I came across twitter trending page and youtube, all showing the introduction of

Tesla Bot

In a limited amount of knowledge we were just brushed up on what's coming next by Elon musk. I know there must be lot of supporters and haters of Elon Musk but this blog is pretty neutral and is simply focusing on the Robot technology for our daily Chores and lots of other stuff simple they will be part of our lives in future.

A human bot! which resembles humans in terms of shape. The body is mixture of off white, white , black and glossy black colour which is quite fascinating. I really liked the design.

What will it do?
It is said to be a pretty friendly bot which could do repetitive regular tasks as well as dangerous tasks as claimed by Tesla. The specs of the body are mentioned below in the picture.


There is a serious deal about certan things like for example speed. They haven't made it super fast it's slower for security purposes as they explained in the AI-DAY event.

The face of the bot will have a screen where people can look and do the stuff digitally. Similarly a
computer made by tesla is attached it the bot's chest.
You must be wondering is there any co relation with the tesla to the bot. YES! there is from features like auto learning, camera, tools all things included in the car will most likely be appeared tin this bot.
The exciting part is that one can train the bots to do certain task due to it's auto learning feature.
This is all in making and we all have to wait until 2022 for this bot to be running out and about in real world.

Is AI a threat to human civilisation?
Many people claim that these bots can be used for so much destruction moreover their presence can make people lazy and unproductive.

My take on this would be that before the invention of computers, people were still living and doing their work at that time too people argued that computers might take away the essence of human workmanship but instead it proved to be a massive success in bringing advanced technology and kind of a human evolution but I totally agree upon the fact that it helped a lot of disastrous tasks which people did against mankind.
So there's always a hesitation and many figures pin pointing on the development of new technologies, There is a 50% chance it might fail, but another half percentage chance of it being the best for human kind. Let's take and accept risks.

What are your thoughts about it? Are you welcoming the new technology or do you think this will be a huge disaster?

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